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GU Review - A Perfect Supplement Endurance Fitness

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If you are into endurance sports, then there are all the chances of hearing about the GU Energy gels. The energy gels have taken the world by storm. Many of the athletes find it easier to swallow these energy gels rather than depending on the other forms of energy supplements. Read through this GU reviews to know what is this gel all about and how is it beneficial or dangerous to you.


This review on GU is not associated with the product website or any other review sites, and in fact is independent of any prejudices or predomination. 

GU is normally a soft solid gel which can be directly averted into mouth. Its name mostly sounds like goo. About 1.1 oz of this gel serves 100 calories. The product is offered in flavors like orange, vanilla bean, banana, berry and chocolate. GU is believed to be one of the first generation energy gels in the market.  After that there has been surge of energy gels in the market which were more or less inspired from GU. Each packet of the gel can finished with a single gulp. Alternatively you can purchase filler packs or reusable 5- serving gel flasks. These flasks will help you to save about quarter of servings.


Taste Test
All GU flavors are loaded with caffeine except the banana flavor.

  • Vanilla Bean: This flavor tastes like sweet éclairs and it is sweeter gel variant in comparison to others.
  • Chocolate: This is considered as one of the best amongst GU and it is also sweet in comparison to others.
  • Plain: This flavorless version is mostly favored by athletes who are conscious about high sugar consumption.
  • Banana Blitz: This is perhaps the original flavor without a trace of caffeine in it. This flavor is mostly despised by many athletes.
  • Orange: This citrusy flavor is mostly favored by athletes because it balances the sweetness with sourness.
  • Berry: This flavor is actually criticized for being too sweet and artificial than other flavors.


GU Energy Gels are mostly favored by long distance runners because they offer instant energy after a tiring run. These energy gels are preferred over other gels because they are easier to carry and are available in many great flavors.


Another big thing is that these energy gels don’t leave an after taste when they react with water. This means that even if you don’t like its taste you can gulp it down with lots water and still gain benefits of the gel.


GU Energy gel is also promoted as a wonderful weight loss aid because it boosts the energy levels of the body after a tiring work out. But it is recommendable to continue with regular workouts because the high amounts of carbohydrates and sugar in this product may aid you in gaining weight easily.


Side Effects
As, there are no known major side effects of using the GU energy gels. However, some people have complained about stomach pains while using the gels during work out.  As every individual reacts and responds in a different manner towards any weight loss and energy supplement. Similarly it is difficult to predict if the product will cause any other side effects other than the stomach issues or not.



The GU energy gels are recommended for everyone who are into endurance sports. But it is always better to consult with your sports doctor and nutritionist before going for such product. Also, trial and error is the only method which may work in this case to judge if the product will hamper you in any other way or not.    


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GU Review - A Perfect Supplement Endurance Fitness