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Coral Calcium Review - Do You Believe in Okinawa Myth?

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All of us are familiar with the calcium supplements on the block, but many of you might not have heard about coral calcium supplements. Some say that they are just fig of imagination and big hype created by the drug manufacturers to gain from the situation. Today there are lots of coral calcium supplements on the block and it is difficult to find all coral calcium reviews at one place. This review on coral calcium supplements give just a general idea of what this supplement is all about and what benefits and side effects you can expect from it.



As the name suggests the coral calcium supplements are derived from the coral reefs or more apt to say fossilized coral reefs. When it was introduced into market, most of the drug manufacturers actually used the opportunity to term it as “one of the nutritious and miraculous wonders of nature, which holds the capacity to put off cancers and other degenerative ailments.”  Actually the whole myth of coral calcium offering immense health benefits started with a belief that people in Okinawa had larger lifespan because they drink water loaded with coral calcium. There has been huge surge of coral calcium supplements which were marketed in the name of Okinawa.


Actually some researchers have added that there is not an iota of truth in age related myths associated with coral calcium supplements. The book Okinawa Program explains that although the people in Okinawa have low death rates than rest of the Europe due to degenerative ailments like cancers, heart disease, etc, but it has nothing to do with the water. However, people may benefit from the drinking water which is loaded with minerals like magnesium, and calcium. But the water only boosts the calcium intake of the Okinawans, but it does not aid in any other way.


Coral Calcium supplements are served in the form of powders, tablets and liquids.


Intercepting the Reality
As calcium is the mineral necessary for development of teeth and bones. It also performs many important functions in the human body that is why consuming it in right amounts is important. Many people don’t get this mineral in their diets, so they take up the supplements which are required to boost their calcium intake.


The reality is that the coral reefs are actually made up of calcium carbonate, which is one of the abundantly found in various other compounds too. Calcium carbonate is used in the preparation of various fortified foods, over-the-counter supplements, and drugs. No rigorous testing has been conducted over the liability and usage of coral calcium in human beings, but there is still a scope to believe that coral calcium is a wonderful source of bioavailable calcium. Some of the popular myths associated with coral calcium are

  • Coral Calcium improves the alkalinity of body

    In fact all salts of citrates and bicarbonates can do it.
  • Coral calcium serves 74 trace minerals.

    There are no enough studies to prove this claim.
  • Coral calcium is easily absorbed by the body.

    There is a very small study to support this claim.


Side Effects
Coral Calcium supplements are normally well tolerated by all users but some minor instances of stomach discomforts like diarrhea and constipation are reported in some cases. To curb side effects these supplements should be taken with lots of water.



Since, coral calcium products largely vary from each other, so it is very important to check the brand and amount of the calcium in the product before you make the buying decision. It is always best to go for the brand names while investing in such hyped products.


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Coral Calcium Review - Do You Believe In Okinawa Myth?