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Cortislim Review - Pure Weight Loss Myth

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552714-cortislim-reviews.imagesqtbnand9gcty8yo7q6ohommbcntb-u6nwf19lcdxrxhqpvv0ix23drujlbfmuwYou might have heard about lots of fat burners on the block. CortiSlim is one of the new generation fat busters on the weight loss scene today.  Then you might ask what is so new about it? Read through the CortiSlim reviews given in this blog to understand- how this product works, and what potential side effects it gives.


CortiSlim is one of the most effective ephedra-free fat burners in the market. This product is marketed by a California based company called CortiSlim International LLC since 2003. This product is marketed as a stress management, weight loss and lifestyle product. The product manufacturers say that CortiSlim actually boosts metabolism, regularizes blood sugar levels, and de-stresses the body.

The manufacturers hyped that CortiSlim actually controlled weight gain by increasing the metabolism and negating cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone, which specially affects the belly and stomach area. Cortisol is actually required by the body for performing all vital functions like regularizing blood pressure, performing glucose metabolism, boosting immunity, and delivering immune response.  During the time of stress our body produces more cortisol than required. When cortisol is produced in excess it actually hinders functioning of body by blocking the thyroid function, depleting bone density, altering the balance of blood sugar. The CortiSlim is not preferred by athletes, who believe that it is catabolic – muscle-wasting.


CortiSlim contains ingredients like calcium, vitamin C, chromium, proprietory blend of L-theanine, beta-sitoserol, vandayl, banaba leaf and magnolia bark, Green tea extract, guarana, niacin, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, Calcium, Pantothenic acid.

  • L –Theanine: This is an active amino acid in green tea, and is well-known for its relaxant qualities. (This substance can rarely have any effect on Cortisol).
  • Vanadyl, Chromium and Banaba leaf: These ingredients aid in stabilizing the glucose levels in the body and moderately alter the insulin functions.
  • Green Tea: This green tea when administered in appropriate dosage can positively alter the levels of EGCG (epigallaocatechingallate). (But CortiSlim does not contains significant amount of EGCG.)
  • Synephrine: Some versions of CortiSlim contain synephrine, which is considered as a suitable and effective alternative to ephedra. (Recently some clinical studies have shown that synephrine is not an effective component of weight loss).


Some people have reported of calm and increased focus within an hour of taking CortiSlim and the product manufacturers confirm that this is because the product acts speedily in controlling the cortisol levels and distressing the body.


As the cortisol levels in the body calm down, a person may feel the difference. Many people have reported a sense of increased energy, a proper sleep and calm mind. Also, they have reported of having a control over their cravings for junk food and appetite. All these things appropriate for an easy weight loss. It is believed that CortiSlim aids in speed weight loss within first two weeks of usage, whereas for others it may take some more time.



There are no substantial proofs to verify the claims made by the manufacturer.

The CortiSlim manufacturers were fined by Federal Trade Commission for $12 million for making false advertising claims. The product is no longer marketed as a cortisol antagonist.

There are no scientific reports to substantiate the claims that blocking cortisol is enough to regulate weight loss.


Side Effects

Nervousness, insomnia, restlessness, blood pressure, and tachycardia (increased heart beat) are some of the side effects reported with CortiSlim.



CortiSlim is not meant for treating elevated insulin levels, or diabetes. If you are suffering from any of the following symptoms, then it is best to consult your doctor before taking the product.


Limiting calorie intake and exercising are the effective ways to control weight. 


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Cortislim Review - Pure Weight Loss Myth