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Ta-65 - An Anti-Aging Supplement with a Difference

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Are you in search of anti-aging supplements? If yes, then you might have probably heard about TA-65. This is the new best anti-aging formula, which has taken the world by storm. Read through this TA-65 review to get a better idea of this supplement.



TA-65 or Telomerase 65 is thought be one of the best anti-aging formulas in the world. It is also said that this supplement was prescribed by Dr. Sears, M.D, to people who were in search of anti-aging supplements for a long time. It is not known whether this claim is true or not. People are introduced to this supplement through an email sign up form and are given a free eBook which tells about the Seven Steps to a More Youthful Life. Signing up on the email list wil entitle you to learn more about the evolution of the product.


Product Details
TA-65 is a plant-based compound which is known to make you younger in a specific time span. During a clinical study conducted on men aged 60-85, it was concluded that men had improved eyesight, immune system, eyesight, and youthful skin. From the information on the website, it can be concluded that this product can affect the DNA and it also affects the aging process in a very slow and controlled manner. It is very complicated to give out the details of the science behind its control on aging process. The biotech company called Geron Corporation is taking interest in the research and development of TA-65. The company is striving to develop a product which can literally turn back the biological clock and aid the people to live happier, and fuller life. Actually there is no indication about when this supplement will be available for general use. The scientific fraternity is concerned about the success of this product and many health experts believe that if successful this product will trigger the trend of anti-aging supplements in the market. And the good thing is that unlike the previous anti-aging formulas which concentrated on the cosmetic well-being of the human beings, this product is concerned with the total well-being of a person.


Other than the website confirmations, there are no other known benefits of this product.



The website of the product concentrates more on affiliate marketing and sales, rather than serving people. It can be perceived that the main purpose of the website is to make sales, sales, and sales. Also, there is no valid pricing information, or customer testimonials to back up the product.  And manufacturers also don’t provide any customer testimonials.



With all the anti-aging myths and hypes, this product seems to be mind blowing, but still due to lack of evidence, we cannot recommend you to actually go for it. Also, the product is still in experimental and developmental stage, so it is too early to predict whether it will go down well with the users or not. Until the product becomes generic, we recommend you to find some other product. But those who are interested in joining the email list can surely go ahead with their plans. 


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Ta-65 - An Anti-Aging Supplement With A Difference