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Eca Stack Review - Is It A Safe Weight Loss Supplement

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552534-eca-reviews.imagesqtbnand9gcsq-5mola3lpxah8xcdrg6sztywfpu-eohi6hknqdu7n9nrmr7xhgWe know that it might be little irksome and annoying to sort out the countless weight loss products found on the market shelves.  It has been found that many people find it difficult to sort between the best and worst of these weight loss supplements. This review is going to closely monitor the weight loss supplement known as ECA Stack. Read through the ECA review to read more about this product.

This product is considered as safe for all the people above the age of 18.



  • Weight Loss: Many people were using it for weight loss and benefiting it too. Some clinical studies showed that ephedrine, when combined with caffeine, was effective in promoting weight loss without any side effects. It was found that many people were able to maintain their weight with proper diet and exercising routine even after they stopped taking ECA stack.
  • Boosting endurance and Athletic Performance: Some studies suggested that ECA Stack actually aided in boosting the endurance and athletic performance in some individuals, actually these claims were never substantiated.

A special EC formulation known as Letigen was popularly sold in Denmark as the weight loss supplement. The product was formulated with synthetic ephedrine and caffeine and the government approved its sale as an 'on prescription' drug in 1990. Its marketing and production was discontinued in 2002, when some side effects were widely reported in the international media.


Along with many other ephedrine supplements, the ECA stack was also banned by FDA and other leading health agencies across the world. This supplement is also known to be high in aspirin and caffeine. The caffeine is normally a diuretic and is not recommended for optimum health. Even today, many websites are found selling these products under disguise. Actually this product is banned in many countries across the world due to its ingredients. 


As ephedrine is a banned product, we would not recommend using it in any form. So, we certainly cannot recommend this product for weight loss as well. It is clear that this product may lead to some serious side effects if used.

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Eca Stack Review - Is It A Safe Weight Loss Supplement