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Acidophilus Review - The Beneficial Probiotic

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552522-acidophilus-reviews.imagesqtbnand9gcsae52pb7hujyf-k0ggt26ay8vljqi1xohqd2cddwtaakjxbw9eProbiotics is the new word for health. The probiotics are loaded with acidophilus bacteria, which is a digestion friendly bacterium. Acidophilus is present in many of the fermented food products like kefir and yogurt. Apart from these products, it is also present in many other probiotic supplements. This acidophilus review will help you to judge the benefits and side effects of consuming Acidophilus products. 



As said earlier, acidophilus is a naturally –occurring bacteria, which normally resides in the human digestive system. This bacteria aids in regulating the process of digestion and helps to curb the digestion-hindering markers. It also relives from digestion related problems like flatulence, constipation and diarrhea. Acidophilus, is also found in some bacteria – rich food products such as Kimchee, yogurt and sauerkraut. It was only recently that its digestion friendly potential was discovered and promoted by a yogurt company. This discovery has also inspired other companies to make unsubstantial claims regarding the product. Some companies have even claimed that their product is loaded with acidophilus bacteria and it aids in weight loss.  Such campaigns have actually paved way for many specific acidophilus based dietary supplements. The acidophilus based dietary supplements can be purchased from any regular food store or online food store, but nutritionists always recommend going for natural sources of acidophilus such as kimchee or yogurt enriched with acidophilus.


Actually there are not sufficient proofs to supplement various health benefits as claimed by product manufacturers, but having the acidophilus rich food will definitely help to improve your diet. 

Acidophilus Health Benefits

  • Acidophilus aids in digestion and leads to production of several chemicals, which aid during digestion.
  • Acidophilus is known to aid in restoring the balance of healthy bacteria in vagina and gastrointestinal tract. Some clinical studies indicated that when consumed orally or placed around vagina as a douche, acidophilus helped in curbing the instances of yeast infections in vagina caused by Candida albicans.
  • Several strains of acidophilus exhibit excellent antioxidant properties which helps to fight against certain forms of bowel cancer. It is mostly given to patients to suffering from bladder cancer, and it also helps to prevent the recurrence of tumorous growths within the digestive system. The experts believe that this may be because the acidophilus strikes down the bacteria from producing cancer-producing substances.
  • Acidophilus may also aid in lowering the cholesterol levels in blood and also certain strains of this bacteria is known to break down  the cholesterol present in intestine before it travels to arteries and cause further damage.
  • Acidophilus aids in production of vitamins like vitamins K, B12, folic acid and thiamine.
  • Acidophilus may also play a significant role in alleviating the severity of food poisoning and curbing the severity of diarrhea.
  • Lactose intolerant people may benefit by consuming acidophilus.


Side Effects

Generally the acidophilus is considered safe for consumption. It is highly recommended that people with weak immune system, intestinal damage, and intestinal bacteria should stay away from the supplement as much as possible. Also, some people have complained of discomfort like gas, but that will go away after regular ingestion. It is also not considered good for people who have problems with heart valves.



As, said before there are no widely reported side effects of the product, still it is recommendable to refer to the nutritionist before you start using any particular brand of acidophilus product. 


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Acidophilus Review - The Beneficial Probiotic