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Chromium Review - Benefits Of Chromium

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552447-chromium-reviews.imagesqtbnand9gcsdhevhyxwfpfgfdybz5hg6v-bj0gromqk4dxxgtwwl-wgfrsig-gYou might have all heard about chromium at some point in your life, but very few of you might have perceived its importance from the health point of view. Read through this chromium review to get an idea of how chromium can serve you or hurt you. As today there are many synthetic chromium supplements in the market, which actually promise you to deliver immense and impossible health benefits, but that’s not true. This review on chromium aims at busting the myths and helps to clear the fog surrounded on the mineral.



Chromium is a trace mineral found in the body in very miniscule proportions. The health experts believe that this trace mineral helps to draw glucose to the cells and boost its vitality and energy, it also plays an important role in performing the metabolism. Many health experts have claimed that chromium can be helpful in regulating the blood sugar levels in people suffering from type 2 diabetes. Also, chromium plays an important role in curbing the high blood pressure.


The chromium is clinically proven to have many positive effects on our body.  Other than its benefits in sugar control, the mineral is also known to play an essential role in breakdown of proteins, fats and carbohydrates as well boost the muscle tone and lowering blood cholesterol. As chromium promotes several enzymes, it is considered to be an active part of the brain function and also supports other necessary chemical process in day- to- day life.  The typical health benefits offered by Chromium are not limited to:

  • Improving muscle fat and body composition during weight loss: During one clinical study it was concluded that people who took dietary and synthetic chromium supplement actually lost more weight than the others who took a placebo. The other clinical studies showed varying results. Actually more studies are being conducted to adjudge the role of chromium picolinate in weight loss.


  • Improving lip profiles: The chromium actually helps to strike down the bad cholesterol and improves the good cholesterol. This was actually confirmed through handful of clinical studies.


  • Alleviating Depression: Chromium was found to be beneficial in alleviating the depression and its symptoms. In a very recent clinical study it was found that chromium picolinate actually aided in curbing number of symptoms related to depression in those who reported of increased carbohydrate cravings. It was reported that subjects who relied on the chromium supplements actually reported of lowered carbohydrate cravings and mood enhancement.


Actually most of the chromium supplements are sold by the names of chromium picolinate. High doses of these chromium picolinate may end up in side effects like stomach irritation and lowered resistance to insulin. There are reports of people suffering from rapid heartbeats, palpitations, kidney failure, and liver damage. Some studies also proved that picolinate actually lead to chromosomal damage and cancer. As the dietary chromium supplements are not believed to be so dangerous. It is recommended to take the chromium picolinate in optimum doses. 



As always said anything in excess is never good, same applies to chromium too. If used in excess it can give you immense side effects. 


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Chromium Review - Benefits Of Chromium