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Epicore Review - The Immune Booster with a Difference

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552446-epicore-reviews.imagesqtbnand9gcrvosdpkinyzbepnfcmimuyypqks3fu5si9x5efpyoenretsrrlggIf you are someone, who is very particular about keeping track of the immune boosters in the market, then probably you might have heard about EpiCor too. EpiCor is a immune boosting product. Read through this EpiCor review to know more about the product.





EpiCor is the dietary product which is produced by fermenting the dry yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. EpiCor is produced by Embria Health Sciences, which functions under Iowa-based supplier of animal feed Diamond V Mills. EpiCor is purely a dietary supplement and it is not meant to cure, prevent, diagnosis or treat any disease. However, there are several purported health benefits of EpiCor. Also, the claims to any of its health benefits are not evaluated by the FDA.




EpiCor Benefits


It is claimed that this product acts in a very different way unlike most of the eminent immune boosters in the market. It does not boost the immunity of the body, rather it balances it.  A balanced immune system always generates appropriate response at all times.



EpiCor actually helps the body in developing its first level of immune defense, and the intrinsic immune character. It helps by activating the Natural Killer (NK) cells in the body. It also works when the adaptive immune system starts working wonders by supporting the antibody production. EpiCor is loaded with antioxidants, which boost the vitality of the body and help to free it from notorious actions of free radicals.


The makers of this product also make claims about the effective role of EpiCor supplements in fighting against flu, cold, influenza, etc. The product is believed to possess many anti-inflammatory benefits too. It is known to aid in fighting against heart disease and other chronic diseases.


Some clinical studies have proved that EpiCor aided in curbing the growth of Candida tropicalis and E.coli bacteria.  


EpiCor is also known to support the growth of mucosal flora within the intestinal tract.



EpiCor Side Effects and Warnings

EpiCor users have not reported any major side effects after using the products, but to be on the safer side it is recommended to consult your physician before opting for this product. Also, the people who are on specific medicines should be careful about mixing the doses of regular medicine with EpiCor because some ingredients used in the formulation of either product may end up giving side effects. Also, EpiCor is derived from yeast, so it is recommended that people suffering from yeast allergy should try to stay away from this product as far as possible.




As EpiCor is marketed as the immune booster, which may aid you in fighting against colds, coughs, flu, and influenze but that doesn’t exactly mean that you should not use any other medicines. In fact you can try to make it a part of dietary routine than medicine. 


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Epicore Review - The Immune Booster With A Difference