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Ensure Review - Is it a Proper Meal Replacement Option?

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552393-ensure-reviews.imagesqtbnand9gcsckkv-g6bgdkzvfi5pu8ahfjsmfda1qb-vnrspxb9zafdmq5mvAre you in search of meal replacement drinks or nutrition drinks? Then you might have surely heard about Ensure nutrition drinks. Also, you might have read several ensure reviews, all these days. Still we would suggest you to  read through this review on Ensure drink to get a fair general idea of the product, its pros-cons and other related issues.




Ensure drink is one of the best–selling meal replacement drink which is designed to provide nourishment and curb the hunger. This drink is available in various flavors and is served in five different variants to suit individuals dietary needs. Each drink variant contains enough nutrients to compensate for one missed meal. Also, it aids in staving off hunger pangs, and along with it , it imparts lots of protein and fiber too. The drink is offered in flavors ranging from creamy milk chocolate, to strawberry, and it can be easily purchased from some major retailers like Wal–mart or from online shops. The Ensure is considered over-priced in comparison with other meal replacement supplements. It is considered as a worthy investment to bank on this drink. However, the drink doesn’t claims to offer weight loss, but still it is marketed with immense weight loss benefits.


There are many health experts who might oppose the idea of replacing the complete meal with meal replacement drinks like Ensure. This is because many brands of the meal replacement drinks contain chemicals, sugars offering too little benefits of naturally or nutritionally–derived ingredients.


Ensure Ingredients

The Ensure drink is made up of ingredients like corn syrup, U-D water, Maltodextrin, and Milk Protein concentrate. This drink is believed to be enriched with 24 minerals and vitamin additives, which also impart distinct flavor and bulk to this drink. Vitamin C, corn syrup, and soy are some of the regular ingredients used in all variants of the drink.


  • Minerals: Ensure drink is believed to be fortified with vital minerals, which serve about 30 percent of daily value of calcium, selenium, and zince, 25 percent of iron, iodine, chromium, copper, magnesium, biotin, manganese, and molybdenum. It is enriched with 8 percent of chloride, 12 percent of potassium, 15 percent of choline, and 8 percent of sodium.


  • Protein: Ensure drink serves about 9 grams of proteins per serving, which roughly equals to 18 percent of the daily protein intake. The Ensure serves complete protein, which means it consists of adequate amounts of all essential amino acids.


  • Carbohydrates: Ensure drink  serves 41 grams of carbohydrates, which equals to 14 percent of daily values. It serves about 1 gram  of fiber, and 18 grams of sugar.  Ensure serves very low values of fiber, and sugar content is also relatively high, so it is not a good choice in any form for a diabetic.


  • Vitamins: Ensure consists of all essential vitamins, and each serving of the drink delivers 25% of daily value of vitamin A, 25% of daily value of vitamin D, 50% of vitamin C, 30% of vitamin E, 25% of vitamin B’s and K.


Ensure is formulated with lots of chemical and synthetic ingredients. This means the product is low in nutritional ingredients. The Ensure products may becoming a little pricy,  if used regularly.


Ensure is a brand of popular nutritional supplement, which can replace the normal meal. But if used as a dietary supplement then it may not serve enough nutrition and nourishment to the dieters. The Ensure products may be of use for some time but it is not recommended for weight conscious people due to its high sugar content. 


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Ensure Review - Is It A Proper Meal Replacement Option?