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Trimpsa Review - The Worst Way to Weight Loss

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If you are a weight loss aspirant and in search of magic pills for weight loss, then surely you might have heard about trimspa. It was once considered an effective weight loss pill, prior to FDA banning ephedra.  Read through this trimspa review to get a gist of what the product was all about and what are its pros and cons.



The Trimspa was considered one of the effective weight loss pills across the world because it was formulated using the weight loss ingredient ephedra. Now since the product is banned, the formulations were altered to suit the demands of the ephedra-free generation. This weight loss supplement is marketed by Goen Technologies, which is headed by Alex Goen. The product was endorsed by late Anna Nicole Smith.

Trimspa introduced FROODIA - a fruit based bar, to boost the sales of its weight loss products. 


The Trimspa is now formulated using Hoodia Gordonii, which is a natural appetite suppressant. The hoodia gordonii is actually one of the most hyped products in the world and many marketers have cashed on it by creating a hype out of it. Some experts say that Hoodia Gordonii is a worthless ingredient. Other than this so called “wonder ingredient”,  the Trimspa also packs theobromine and caffeine in considerable proportions. The chromium present in the supplement may aid in the regulation of glucose.  


Other than the above mentioned ingredients, Trimspa also contains glucomannan, green tea, vanadium, coco exract, and glucosamine. The manufacturer recommends that for optimum health benefits the pill should be taken thrice a day with 2 pills at a time.



Trimspa is cheaper than other weight loss products in the market. Also, you can bank upon this product because it has been around for past many years. It is sold as a dietary supplement.



  • Cheap ingredients
  • Low or no success rate
  • No Money back guarantee.

The manufacturers were fined heftily by the Federal Trade Commission for making false claims in 2007.


Trimspa can cause side effects when it reacts with drugs meant for treating anxiety, diabetes, etc. Also, the product is known to cause side effects like insomnia, and anxiety. The cocoa extract present in  the Trimspa is known to trigger migraines in certain people. Other than that it contains a compound called naringin, which can actually interfere with metabolism of some drugs.


Trimspa is not recommended for people who have shell fish allergies because it contains glucosamine, which is an active ingredient in shell fish. Also, the chemical dyes and additives present in the product may cause severe reactions in some people.


Ensure that whichever product you are choosing for your healthy weight-loss is supported with a money-back guarantee. 


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Trimpsa Review - The Worst Way To Weight Loss