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Energy Gel Review - Do you Believe in Fast Energy with Difference?

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If you are an aspiring athlete, then you might have heard about energy gels. The energy gel is nothing but a type of carbohydrate gel which is known to aid in fast recovery from heavy exercising. This gel is mostly chased by endurance athletes who are involved in sports forms such as triathlons, running, and cycling.  Read through this energy gel review to get a better picture of what such gels are all about and why they mean a world for athletes. Also, this review on energy gel analyzes the side effects associated with this product.


Energy gel is the type of carbohydrate gel, which is known to promote fast recovery during heavy exercise. It is also known as nutritional gel, carbohydrate gel, endurance gel, or sports gel. The energy gels are mostly commercialized in single-serve, highly compact plastic packets. Each packet is attached to a strip which has a small notch, the gel can be consumed after squeezing the notch. 


It was found that energy gel readily assimilated into blood stream than other energy boosting supplements. The gel provides nutrients and calories and aids it to fare through the high profile performance. It helps to delay the muscular fatigue induced by heavy exercising, also it boosts the blood sugar levels and enhances the performance. The energy gels, when compared to other carbohydrate supplements, are low in fats, proteins, and fibers. Hence, human body will be able to digest them easily.The energy gels contain some amount of maltodextrins and sugars, which make them equivalent to non-watery sports drinks. Some energy gel variations like e-gel are known to contain electrolytes. There are also gels which contain ginseng and natural components like vitamins, Coenzyme Q10, amino acids, etc. Some energy gel variants also contain caffeine.


For optimum health benefits the energy gel supplement should be taken atleast 15 minutes before beginning the exercise and atleast 30-40 minutes after beginning the exercise. You can also replace the first gel taken before exercise with some carbohydrate snack. Energy gels should be normally used within the intervals of 30-45 minutes during the exercise time. Also, the intake of the pills should be supplemented with enough water to avoid dehydration. The dosage may vary from athlete to athlete depending on the body weight, fitness level and metabolism.


Side Effects
Most of the energy gels are manufactured using highly energetic concentrates which can cause stomach upset or also induce other bowel related disorders. The high carbohydrate content of these gels may promote fat storage and cause insulin resistance, so it should not be taken as a snack replacer. Also, over dosage of these pills may lead to violent jitters, headaches and also increases your heart rate.


The energy gels are considered good for consumption for athletes involved in high endurance sports, but one should first consult their sports nutritionist before taking such supplements. Also, it should be ensured that one is not overdoing with the supplement. 


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Energy Gel Review - Do You Believe In Fast Energy With Difference?