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Protandim Review - Sneak Peek At The Truth Behind The Anti-Aging Supplement

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552154-protandim-reviews.imagesqtbnand9gcrc4m1njvmrl3ohmrpablmpro9mto4c9vlicaceim5h9-memq-jIf you are in search of an anti-aging solution to bail you out, then you might have already heard about Protandim. Protandim is a patented anti-aging supplement, which is known to boost the antioxidant activity in the body. Also, you might have read several Protandim reviews, which talk about the best and worst about this product. This review on Protandim is going to give you insights about the process of aging, science behind working of Protandim and its effectiveness and side effects. Keep on reading……


As per science and the scientists, aging is a process induced by oxidative stress on the body cells. Oxidative stress is brought by the molecules which are known as free radicals. In the young age, our body is capable of warding off these free radicals, because it can gain antioxidants from foods that are eaten regularly. But with the aging process, more and more free radicals are produced in the body. And it has got a lesser supply of antioxidants too, which curtails its ability to fight against the free radicals. It is where the role of anti-oxidant booster like Protandim becomes more prominent. Lots of people around the world have invested their hopes and efforts on this anti-oxidant product. Protandim is believed to increase antioxidant activity in an indirect way by amending the endogenous antioxidant factors such as catalase and superoxide dismutase and by boosting the Nrf2 pathway. The Nrf2 is protein messenger which is naturally found in our cells and it sends information to DNA, to set up host of genes called survival genes. These genes can also curb the action of markers causing inflammation.


The product was designed by William. J. Driscoll and Paul. R. Myhill and it is made up of 5 ingredients:

  • Bacopa: It increases catalse production and SOD
  • Milk Thistle: It boosts liver health
  • Green Tea: It aids in burning fat and also boosts metabolism
  • Ashwagandha: It has been used since last many centuries for its numerous healh benefits.
  • Turmeric: It boosts vitality and immunity in the human body.

Some of the additional ingredients found are silica, croscarmellose sodium, calcium, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, modified cellulose, and stearic acid.


Side Effects
The product manufacturers have indicated that some people may experience nauseating sensations on consuming this product. They may also have some allergic response, or may even experience – sleeplessness, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach ache, rashes on feets and hands, etc.


Like many other antioxidant products, the claims made by Protandim ae not evaluated by FDA, which means this product is not considered fit to “diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease."


No serious side effects of this product are known yet. We suggest that even though it is not a prescription pill or any drug, still you should confirm with some health expert before using it. If it starts giving you bad time, then it’s better to stop using and turn to the healthy food habits and exercise routines. As scientists suggest, try to include anti-oxidant foods in your diet. 


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Protandim Review - Sneak Peek At The Truth Behind The Anti-Aging Supplement