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552042-herbal-magic-reviews.imagesqtbnand9gctd4y0hxsnqk7vqpovxqdstwdey9rwqfxzrelovt7ov9iyaijh-egMost of the people across the globe are always in search of some magical weight loss supplement. Herbal magic is one such weight loss supplement which is dedicated to the cause of natural weight loss. Go through this Herbal magic review to get better idea of what is the healthy weight loss all about.



Herbal Magic is a Canadian company marketing products for weight loss and nutrition. About 47 types of weight loss and nutrition products are promoted through about 300 nutrition and weight loss centers located across Canada. The Herbal loss offers complete weight loss programs supported with one-one coaching and a line of natural health products. Herbal Magic products are produced by team of pharmacists, naturopathic doctors, and pharmacological manufacturing companies. The products are loaded with nutraceuticals, minerals, vitamins, and herbs.  As of June 2011, about 34 of the 43 products have received Natural product numbers or NPN and 13 are having Exemption Number (EN), which allows the manufacturers to market their product in Canada prior to receiving NPN. The highly publicized weight loss cup was sponsored by Herbal Magic and Canadian Football League from July to October 2010.


The real benefits of the Herbal magic products lie in the weight loss programs offered by the brand. Specific weight loss programs are designed for pregnant women, diabetics, men, expectant mothers, breastfeeding mothers, and people diagnosed with heart ailments. Most of the programs are developed to aid customers in losing weight upto 2 pounds in a given week. The three key features of the weight loss program include:

  • Weight loss: This phase is actually utilized for personal health reviews which involve recommending a diet plan which is specifically designed to boost the natural weight loss.
  • Stabilization: This phase is considered as an intermediate between the personal health coach and client.
  • Maintenance: This phase is considered as the maintenance phase and its length gradually varies from person to person depending on the weight loss achieved in weight loss phase. This phase ensures that weight is intended to be for good.


The investigative episode on the effectiveness of Herbal Magic weight loss and nutrition program was aired on CBC marketplace on February 5, 2010.  The program and panel of health experts concluded that the claims of weight loss made by the product manufacturers are not supported by any real time evidences. Accordingly the program found that  people involved in sales and promotion of Herbal Magic products actually used shrewd marketing skills to lure people into believing that the product is indeed beneficial. Also, the marketplace alleged that Herbal Magic followed a practice which was socially unacceptable. It first gave free consultation and later told people about the actual prize of the whole program. These claims were contested by Herbal Magic CEO, Fraser Clarke declaring that they cater to demands of about 40, 000 clients every year with a satisfaction rate of about 91%.

Also, through different studies following criticisms were leveled against the Herbal Magic Weight Loss Program:

  • Don’t offer money back guarantee
  • Have program centers only in Canada
  • Don’t offer free supplements for the weight loss products
  • Cost of the weight loss program is not revealed on the website
  • No clinical proof offered in support of the reliability of the products.

Major side effects were not reported after using any of the Herbal Magic product till date.


Final Thoughts
As there are no reported side effects associated with any program or product from Herbal Magic so it is advisable to judiciously invest in the program.


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Herbal Magic Reviews