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Clif Bar Review - Is it Just Another Energy Bar on the Block?

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If you are hooked to energy bars, then surely you might have heard about a Clif Bar. Actually Clif Bar offers wide range of nutrition energy bars to people who want to lead very active lifestyles. Read through this Clif Bar review to know more about the product.



Clif Bar is produced by a Clif Bar Incorporated which is an American Company dealing with production and promotion of energy bars. The company was found in 1992 by Gary Erickson. The Clif Bar products were produced as avert to poor tasting energy bars in the market.  Clif Bar adopts trustworthy formulation and packaging processes. Clif Bar uses non toxic packaging and unlike other product manufacturers have avoided the shrink wrapping. The Clif Bars avoids loud colors like other nutrition manufacturers and rather concentrates on earthy tones. The foil used for wrapping the Clif Bar products is prepared from 70% organic products.


The Clif Bar website is very user friendly and it provides access to many product packaging and interactive videos.


The combining ingredients in Clif Bar largely vary depending on the type of flavor and purpose of nutrition. Some of the organic ingredients used in the formulation are organic honey, roasted soybeans, and rolled oats. All energy bars are high in nutritional values.


The Clif Bar normally delivers continuous and very moderate increase in blood sugar levels, which is very important for improving the athletic performance.  Non athletes also depend on these bars for their daily dose of nutrition. Some of the Clif Bar supplements are loaded with organic almonds which mean the almonds are grown organically without any chemicals or fertilizers.


Clif Bar supplements are mostly served as a snack bar and it is high in natural energy, nutrition and carbohydrates. These supplements are mostly targeted towards people who love high energy shots and the people who are interested in sports. Clif Bars are offered in flavors like almond fudge and cream, chocolate chips and cookies. The Clif Bars introduced new range of snack bars for women and they were named as Luna bars. The Luna Bars were introduced in flavors such as lemon zest and chocolate pecan pie. Most of the Clif Bar supplements pack in the power of caffeine and dark chocolate. The Clif Shot is a type of energy boosting gel from Clif Bar which is mainly used by sports people before performing activities which require high endurance. The Clif Bar supplies energy bars with proteins and nutrients essential for day to day life.


However, Clif Bars are known to be high in nutritive values but they are also criticized for high calorific values.  Also, the Clif Bar snack bars are known to be high in carbohydrates. The choice of organic ingredients adds to its cost and is considered more pricy than other similar nutrition bars.


As said before the only criticism leveled against Clif Bar is their high calorific values and carbohydrates.  Therefore it is not recommended for people who aim to weight loss because the high values of carbohydrates may spike the sugar levels and trigger hunger, which may person to go on binge eating. 


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Clif Bar Review - Is It Just Another Energy Bar On The Block?