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Carinitine Review - Is it Worth The Hype?

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Carnitine or L carnitine is a naturally occurring amino acid and it is produced by liver and kidneys. This amino acid derivative is hydrophilic in nature. If you are a weight loss hopeful then you might have heard about this product a lot. It is difficult to find a generic review of all carnitine supplemental products at one place. Hence to address this need, this carnitine review has been put and it gives you insight into some general properties and pros –cons of carnitine supplements.  


Carnitine is synthesized from amino acids methionine and lysine. One of the primary roles performed by Carnitine is transporting the cell to mitochondria, where it is synthesized and is converted into energy. This energy is utilized by the body for different functions. Carnitine is stored in sperm, muscles, brain and heart. The carnitine supplements are recommended to people with health conditions such as angina or intermittant claudication. The carnitine supplements also help to offset the oxidative stress. Carnitine propels fat burning and this is the reason why it is popularly used in many weight loss products too.


L-Carnitine when sold as a single product contains only L-Carnitine , and when it is served as a weight loss product it is combined with other weight loss ingredients. L –Carnitine can be purchased as capsule, liquid and powder. It can be ordered easily from any online stores at price of $15. 


Carnitine can be used for treating:

  • Male Infertility: Low levels of carnitine are observed in men with low sperm count. Several clinical studies suggest that L-Carnitine supplements help in enhancing the sperm count and sperm motility.
  • Kidney disease: Kidney's are the primary area of carnitine production and this process is hampered in people suffering from kidney ailments. Carnitine supplements are given to people suffering from kidney disease and undergoing dialysis.
  • Alzheimer Disease and Memory Impairment: Some clinical studies suggest that L-Carnitine aids in stopping the advancement of Alzheimer’s and other memory related disorders.Carnitine supplements are used for treating depression, dementia and other forms of memory loss.Carnitine supplements are administered to alzheimers patients only under the supervision of physicians.
  • Erectile Dysfunction: Some clinical studies have suggested that L-carnitine may aid in improving the male sexual dysfunction. One study suggested that diabetic men responded positive towards carnitine supplementation when it was administered to them in combination of Viagra. Earlier these men have not responded to the Viagra.
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: It has been widely speculated that CFS might be caused due to deficiency of certain nutrients like L-Carnitine. Also, people who took L-Carnitine supplements fared better than the ones who relied on other fatigue medications. More studies are being carried out in this area.


Side Effects and Interactions

  • Carnitine is not recommended for those who have thyroid problem. Some minor side effects like nausea, headache, and vomiting have been reported after using this supplement. There are not sufficient proofs to support the effectiveness of Carnitine in weight loss.
  • Carnitine should not be used in combination of drugs like AZT (used for the treatment of alzheimers), Isotretinoin, Valproic acid, and Doxorubicin.


Final Word

There are very few clinical evidences to prove half of the health benefits hyped by the caritine supplements manufacturers, so it is advisable to consume these supplements under the supervision of physician. 


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Carinitine Review - Is It Worth The Hype?