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Emergen-C Review - Is it Just a Fizzy Drink Mix?

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There are people who are always in search of instant energy and internet place offers lots of options for them too. Today such people can choose from thousands of dietary supplements from online market store.  Emergen –C is one such dietary supplement which aims to fulfill the needs of people who are always looking out for some instant energy. The Emergen-C reviews strutted out through this blog is independent of any prejudices and predomination’s.



Emergen-C is a dietary supplement which is marketed as the energy booster. This product is offered in form of drink mixes and it is manufactured by Alacer Corp of California. The product is high in vitamin C, vitamin B12, and vitamin B6. Lycopene and calcium are also added by some flavors.  The Emergen-C manufacturers tied up with Jay Alders to create packaging for the new flavor which was known as Emergen C Blue. The Emergen-C products are offered in variants like original formula, specialty formula, multivitamins, Emergen-C immune plus, Emergen- C Splash and Emergen-C Supergram. The original formula is believed to serve 1000 mg of immune boosting vitamin, 7 B type vitamins to boost the energy naturally, electrolytes to rejuvenate post-workout.  Today Emergen- C is offered in about 19 flavors from cranberry to lemon and lime. A portion of revenues generation from sales of the Emergen-C supplements goes to Surfrider foundation, which is committed towards maintaining the cleanliness and of Ocean and other water bodies around the earth.


Emergen –C is supposedly made up of various kinds of synthetic and natural ingredients. The ingredients largely vary from supplement to supplement. Each flavor is distinguished with its own set of ingredients. Some of the popular ingredients found in the supplement include folic acid, plant sterols, vitamins A, D, and E , as well calcium. Each flavor is different from the other and utilizes different set of ingredients to support its legality.


Emergen-C supplement is found to be high in vitamin C. The vitamin C is the best way to boost the energy levels of the body. Other than that the vitamin –C is a very powerful antioxidant which boosts the immune system and aid in promoting overall health.  Vitamin C is known to fight against various serious illnesses like cataracts, heart disease, stroke and cancer too. Most of the supplements have sweet and fruity flavor which is liked by many people. People who are hesitant to swallow pills but still love to take multivitamins should surely go for Emergen-C supplements which are prepared by mixing the supplement in 6 ounces of water.


Side Effects
The Emergen-C supplements are formulated with soy protein, which may cause diarrhea and stomach upset in some people. The high dosage of vitamin C present in Emergen – C may induce side effects like indigestion and diarrhea. Insomnia, nausea, vomiting tendency, headache, heartburn and throat infection are some of the minor side effects reported due to continuous usage of Emergen-C.

It is strongly recommended by health experts that women who are pregnant should stay away from excessive consumption of vitamin C.  The excessive consumption of vitamin C may lower the levels of progesterone in their body. So, if you are expecting a baby or expect to get pregnant in near future then consult your physician before taking the Emergen –C.


Final Word
Emergen- C may give quick energy boost yearned by some consumers but it is always advisable to go slowly about it and if you are on certain medications then it’s better to consult your physician before taking this supplement. 


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Emergen-C Review - Is It Just A Fizzy Drink Mix?