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Policosanol Review- Is it a Best Supplement to Fight High Cholesterol?

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551622-glutamine-reviews.imagesqtbnand9gcsyj64crde2of81ldsnassexmwmimw3e1lnmyfnnvcenk4gbpbmqwGlutamine is one of the most essential amino acid supplement taken by all professional and aspirant body builders.  Today people can choose from thousands of glutamine supplements available in the market. This blog brings you a general glutamine review and it is not influenced by any predomination said or heard about any particular glutamine supplement.



Glutamine is a type of non-essential amino acid and it is present in the body in small amounts. The glutamine is also found in certain meats in miniscule amounts but it is not sufficient to meet the body requirements of the people involved in heavy sports like powerlifting, weight lifting, etc. The lack of glutamine often causes heavy stress on the immune systems and muscles of the people who are involved in heavy sports.

Many people are often surprised about the non-essential nomenclature associated with glutamine. But due to their importance the scientists haves placed glutamine into the list of conditionally essential amino acids necessary for tissue regeneration and immune system boosting in people involved in heavy sports.


Benefits of Glutamine Supplements


  • Boosts the immune system: A stronger immune system will always aid in fighting against ailments and help to keep the infections at bay.
  • Curbs the muscle tissue breakdown: The glutamine supplements mitigate the glutamine demands of the body and reduces the stress on muscle tissue. And also aid in decreasing the instances of muscle tissue breakdown.
  • Alters nitrogen retention: Nitrogen retention aids in maintaining the body in anabolic state, which is very important during the muscle building.
  • Fastens workout recovery times: Glutamine supplements fasten the recovery times means a person can continue for longer time without overstraining or tiring themselves.
  • Improves protein synthesis: Proteins are produced during protein synthesis and more proteins mean more muscles.  Everyday body undergoes through function of anabolism (protein synthesis) and catabolism (protein breakdown). During the catabolism the glutamine is oozed out of the muscles and is used for other body functions.  This means the immune function can actually rip out the glutamine from muscle tissue. And further as the person undergoes excess stress during trainings, less amount of glutamine is available for the muscle. Externally supplementing the body with glutamine helps to increase the anabolism and also aids in boosting the immune system.


If you are still doubtful about using the glutamine supplements then take this piece of advice: the glutamine supplements are used in most of the emergency rooms across the world to cure patients involved highly critical accidents which have almost impaired them tissue damange and severe burns. The injured or burned victim’s body immediately enters into the state of catabolism and it further imparts stress on the muscle because body start oozing out glutamine stored in the muscle. Doctors have suggested that administering such patients to high doses of glutamine will help to curb the tissue breakdown.


Consumption and Consideration

Various studies indicate that consuming about 2-5 grams of glutamine on regular basis can be beneficial. As there are no evidences of toxicity or any other side effects of using the glutamine supplements so you can use them as long as the body starts reacting in an adverse way.  Like all other bodybuilding supplements the glutamine should also be taken after a consultation with physician. For best results the glutamine supplements should be consumed in empty stomach in the morning or immediately after the work out because glutamine will increase the absorption rate of the body at those times. Also, glutamine can perform well when combined with whey protein, creatine monohydrate, EFA supplements, and Multi-vitamin and mineral supplements.


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Policosanol Review- Is It A Best Supplement To Fight High Cholesterol?