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Ideos Review - Give Your Body A Calcium Boost

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Ideos chewing tablets are recommended to those who crave for an extra shot of calcium in their daily diet. This blog concentrates on Ideos reviews and it will help you to understand better what these pills have to offer.




What are Ideos and why are they used?


Ideos chewing tablets belong to the pharmacotherapeutic class of drugs and they act as calcium and vitamin D supplement. This calcium boost is normally considered good for all but it is mainly recommended for people suffering from:


  • Combined deficiency of calcium and vitamin D due to geriatric disease.
  • Osteoporosis


What do you gain from each tablet of Ideos?
Sorbitol, Xylitol, Magnesium stearate, lemon flavoring, and povidone are some of the excipents of this pill. The lemon flavoring used in the tablet is prepared from orange, essential oils of lemon, litsea cubeba, acacia gum, maltodextrin, and sodium citrate.


Posology and Method of Administration

This tablet is recommended only for adults who suffer from specific calcium deficiency problems and is to be taken orally. For best results normally one tablet is recommended twice a day.



You need to shell out about $18.60 for buying out 30 tablets of 1250 mg Calcium carbonate/400 IU Coiecalciferol.



The Ideos chewing tablets are not recommended in case of:


  • Hypersensitivity towards vitamin D
  • Hypercalciuria (high quantities of calcium in urine)
  • Hypercalcemia (higher concentration of calcium in blood)
  • Kidney Stones

Also, there are possibilities of the drug interacting with food products high in oxalic acid (cocoa, tea, rhubarb, spinach, etc), fitic acid (dry vegetables, fruits, whole cereals, oleaginous fruits, chocolates), and phosphates (processed cheeses, coke drinks, pork, sausage and lactic desserts).  It is not generally recommended for pregnant women and lactating ladies without the doctor's permission.


Some of the most noticeable side effects of using Ideos are:


  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea or Constipation
  • Abdominal pain or flatulence
  • Increased concentration of calcium in urine and blood
  • Urticaria, pruritus or rashes.


It is recommended that people who are already on other medication should calculate their vitamin D intake regularly. Also, while on Ideos medication they need to take following precautions:


  • Monitoring urinary calcium and plasma levels regularly.
  • Monitoring renal functions in elders.
  • Dosage should be adapted to match the creatinine clearance in people suffering from renal failure.

If you are using the Ideos for long term then urinary calcium excretion must be monitored at regular intervals and treatment should be stopped if the urinary calcium concentration exceeds 7.5 to 9 mmol/24 hours (300 to 360mg/24 hours).



Final Word

It is recommended to go for the Ideos tablets only after consulting your medical practioner. Also, take excessive care while dealing with the drug because it can cause harm if not used in a calculated and desired manner.



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Ideos Review - Give Your Body A Calcium Boost