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Boost Review- Nutritional Drink for New Generation

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Most of us are hooked to the idea of energy drinks but often struggle to find the proper ones in the market. If you have zeroed on Boost energy drinks but fiddling with its buying decision then this blog will help you out because it brings you an impartial set of boost reviews.


What Does Boost Nutritional Drink Serves?
Boost Nutritional drink is believed to strike balance between minerals and vitamins, and it is known to help you to peak to your mental and physical best. One serving of Boost equips you with:


  • 26 vital minerals and vitamins, along with proteins and carbohydrates. Boost is often projected as a healthy alternative for many caffeine based beverages.
  • Vitamin E present in the drink helps you to fight against arthritis, asthma, heart disease and it also protects your lungs, heart and eyes from various kinds of allergens.
  • Antioxidants present in the Boost help to overcome the destroying effects of free radicals.
  • Vitamin C present in the drink helps you to stay away from flu and cold, and also nourishes the health of gums.
  • Calcium content of the drink aids in maintaining strength of teeth, and bones. Calcium also aids in regularizing the heartbeat and supports the blood functions.  A single serving of Boost delivers you calcium equivalent to 8-glasses of milk and another good thing is that it is lactose –free.
  • Boost Nutritional drink serves very low amount of saturated fats and sodium, which may aid in reducing the blood pressure levels.


Due to all the above mentioned reasons, the Boost Nutritional Drinks is considered good for people who are suffering from:

  • Low appetite
  • Cancer
  • Malnutrition
  • Anorexia triggered from diseases
  • Oral Surgery
  • Lactose Intolerance


The cost largely varies depending upon the flavor but at the minimum you need to shell out about $33.68 for a strawberry flavored drink and at the maximum you need to shell out about $35.31 for obtaining a bottle of vanilla or chocolate flavored Boost Nutritional drink.


Side Effects

  • Cardiovascular Risk: The Boost is found to be loaded with sugars and it’s over consumption may subject the person to cardiovascular risks. Also, excess weight gain may induce coronary artery disease and blood pressure. To lower the risk, the American Heart Association recommends avoiding foods and drinks with high sugar content. Boost Nutritional Drink serves you 25 grams of sugar per 8 oz which makes it 5-6tsp of sugar.


  • Weight Gain: Apart from the excess calories through sugar, the high sugar content in the drink causes a spike in the blood sugar levels, which in turn promotes binging.


  • Diabetes: According to the American Diabetes Association drinking high sugar supplements like Boost atleast twice a day can increase the chances of developing type 2 diabetes. 


Final Word

 Moderation is the keyword to be followed when drinking Boost. Use it only if you have increased nutritional or energy needs, people with excess weight problems and ailments related to it may better steer away from this drink. 


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Boost Review- Nutritional Drink For New Generation