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Hydroxycut Review - A Disgraced Weight Loss Product

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Hydroxycut is in news for all the wrong reasons. There are people out there who have experienced weight loss using this supplement, which is banned. Read through one of the hydroxycut reviews given below to understand what actually went for and against this weight loss supplement. 


Hydroxycut was counted amongst one of the best weight loss pills in the market because it had star fat-bursting ingredient known as ephedra. The FDA condemned and banned products containing ephedra due to their adverse side effects like seizures, dizziness and at times death.



Hydroxycut had to revamp their product by replacing the ephedra with all-natural weight loss ingredients. But things just turned out to be worse when the newly revamped pills failed to create the desired effects and also they were found to bring on more serious side effects than the one containing ephedra. This Hydroxycut review blog concentrates on all those aspects which actually went against the product:


There are many people around the world who are ready to bear the side effects of any weight loss product, only and only if it gives them the desired result. But is it worth saying the same for Hydroxycut. The answer is no. Even after setting aside the side effects the product miserably failed to produce any desired result. Hydroxycut with ephedra was found to be effective but its revamped version was considered as sham because none of the ingredients used in the formulation had even slightest property of leading to or inducing weight loss. Hydroxycut actually fooled people by posting a sample of the study on their website with 90 satisfied Hydroxycut users. It was later found that these 90 people were moderately obese and they were following a much regimented 2000 calorie diet.

Experts Opinion: Weight loss if any was only due to the reduction in calories rather than pills.


Safety And Quality
The FDA banned all 14 products of the Hydroxycut products on May 1, 2009 citing serious health issues evoked by them including a case of severe liver failure, jaundice and one extreme case of death.


The FDA is yet to ascertain as which ingredient actually caused death, but according to some experts found that Hydroxycut tea may be a culprit. Hydroxycut tea was prepared from caffeine, guarana extract and green tea extract. All these ingredients added to high concentration of caffeine in the product. As caffeine is a well known appetite suppressant but it’s alarmingly high levels were disturbing. This means a single Hydroxycut pill can serve you caffeine equivalent to six cups of coffee. Some of the well –known side effects of caffeine are dizziness, headaches, insomnia, and increased heart beats.


A bottle consisting of 120 pills will cost $36.99, which is not a bad price at all. But considering the low worth of the ingredients used and the ineffectiveness, the prices are bit higher.


Money-back guarantee
Unlike many of the new age weight loss products the Hydroxycut manufacturers do not offer any money-back guarantee. After all with all these side effects it’s not surprising to know this right?!


With all those FDA warnings and side effects, we strongly recommend against this pill and urge you to stay away from it as much as possible.  


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Hydroxycut Review - A Disgraced Weight Loss Product