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Hot Pockets Snackers Loaded Potato Skin Bite

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In this video of Freezerburns, you are going to watch Gregory review Hot Pockets Snackers Loaded Potato Skin Bite. The very first bite and he has just a few good things to say and later comes the negative or the hard facts of these snackers. Although they taste good they are soggy and high in fat. The potato doesn’t taste like potato and thus it gets 3 on 5 star scale.

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I tried these in the microwave and the oven hoping they would crisp up, both we're so icky I couldn't eat more then one. Then I gave them to my free range chickens they wouldn't eat them...I suspect because of the overwealming onion taste. The "potato skin" was like mushy bread.
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I could eat the potatoe and onion ones everyday!! Addicted to these. But u have to put them in the oven and take them out right before they start to ooze out. They will be a little crunchier then. Love them!!
Hot Pockets Snackers Loaded Potato Skin Bite Video