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Kenmore Microwave Review

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kenmore microwave oven



If you are looking for a smart, good looking, and colorful microwave oven for your kitchen, you will find this Kenmore microwave review article worth reading. Read on and take notes on Kenmore oven advantages.





Kenmore Microwave Ovens

Kenmore offers two types of microwave ovens: one is the countertop type and the second option is  the microhood range. Be it Microhood or Countertop, general features of Kenmore Microwave ovens are:-

  • Auto defrost setting
  • Auto-cook setting
  • 10 power levels
  • One-touch cooking options
  • Auto-reheat modes
  • Auto Defrost Settings
  • Sensor cook
  • Warm hold mode
  • Child-locks facility
  • Quick start menu

Convection ovens offer cook, bake, and roast menu for the best convenience of the users.


Kenmore Advantages

Kenmore model, 6633, features TrueCookPlus technology, which is one of the pioneer technologies for microwave operation. Here the master sensor is like a mastermind , which understands the various requirements of cooking and thus takes care of the whole process.


Microhood combination ovens add the benefit of a microwave with the functionality of a stove hood. It works as a multi-purpose device that can perform multiple tasks for the user like cooking, reheating, removing smoke, filtering dust, and so on.


Kenmore's "Elite" line has earned global reputation and it is one of the best line of kitchen gadgets that brings together great performance, value of investment, ultra glam look, and hi-end technology, with excellent functionality.



Kenmore microhood combination ovens’ price range varies from $240 to up to $1500 for combination wall-ovens.

Kenmore’s countertop microwave ovens’ price range starts from $100, which is remarkably cheap for a compact, quality branded kitchen product. Kenmore microwave ovens are covered with a one-year warranty for parts and service.

If you find Kenmore Microwave review helpful enough to influence your selection, do not forget to let us know.

Enjoy comfort cooking with Kenmore!!!


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Recently, we had a surge, and I think, can't swear to it, but I believe we burned a fuse, to our Kenmore, top of the line micro-wave oven. The wave is 7 years old, but in very good condition, all the bells in whistles, you know, because you mention them. So the thing is I read the defining factor is the 300 rating of the fan, is this true? And is it realistic to think that a 7 year old micro-W., can burn a fuse, which can turn the whole system down, or is it that the board is fried, and therefore why purchase a new motherboard, just buy a new micro-wave. I don't want to re-invest another $500 dollars on a new microwave, which is an in dash or whatever you call those under the cabinets. So is it wiser to still just replace a motherboard. What do yo suggest, obviously if it is just a fuse, I can figure that one out, but more then that I lay myself ignorant self on your feet. Thanks.
Kenmore Microwave Review