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LG Microwave Review

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LG Micro wave review


If you are looking for a competent and energy efficient microwave oven for your kitchen,  you will surely find this LG Microwave Review  quite interesting and informative.


LG has already introduced 4 types of microwave ovens and these  are:

  • LG Countertop Microwave Ovens / Solo Microwaves, which are perfect for daily cooking
  • Grill Microwave Ovens, which are meant for cooking and baking
  • Convection Microwave ovens are perfect for cooking, baking, grilling; in one word all-rounder cooking instrument
  • Solar Dom Microwaves, which is built on latest light wave technology and  manufacturer and users claim that it cooks larger dishes 4 times faster than  similar microwave ovens from other brands available in the market.

Regarding LG Microwave ovens, it is obvious that almost all LG models are enjoying great customer satisfaction support but two models out of the entire lot deserve special mention because of their popularity; these  two models are MS1947C and the LG LMV2015.

MS1947C model of LG has features like

  • Feather touch program
  • 5 variable cooking power levels
  • Multistage cooking feature with efficient ventilation system
  • A completion alarm
  • Quick-start function
  • Child safety lock
  • The advantage of this model is its sleek design and its easy to use operation. Installation and operation of this ultra modern kitchen gadget is extremely helpful.

The model LG LMV2015 features

  • A convection and grill
  • Tactile program
  • Multi-stage cooking
  • 8 pre-set menus
  • Auto defrost; lamp for warming food
  • 5 varying cooking power levels
  • Wonderful ventilation
  • Humidity sensor works best for healthy and right proportion of cooking
  • The hold warm option is a great device for keeping foods warm especially in wintry season.


However, LG Microwaves are widely rated as the best buy for regular kitchen. Despite its plenty of features, it is absolutely simple to operate this gadget. There are no specific negative comments about this gadget and it runs almost flawlessly. Both the models are available with 10-year megnethron warranty.



Do not forget to check LG microwaves while you will be visiting consumer shops. 


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LG Microwave Review