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If you are in the interior planning to purchase a new range, take time to read this LG Range Review and learn more about the LG and its product.

Being a South Korean brand, LG is one of the largest manufacturers of electronics and home appliances in the world. Some of the major LG kitchen appliances include refrigerators, dish washers, microwave ovens, cooktops, rangehoods, and free standing cookers.


Let’s take a look at some of the best ranges produced by LG.


Electric Ranges

LG electric ranges are specifically designed for enjoyable and efficient cooking. These ranges are available in smooth white, stainless steel and smooth black exterior finishes. LG electric ranges are known for their outstanding design and effective use of technological innovations.

  • Ease your cooking work with these features of LG electric ranges:
  • You can keep the food warm for a longer time with the help of a warming drawer.
  • The capacity of the oven is 5.6 cubic feet which is quite spacious. With the large viewing window you can easily view the food kept inside the oven.
  • The range has also a touch pad rear mounted control. The nice thing about this is that the controls and cook-top are smooth and can be wiped down with cleaner.
  • With the delayed bake mode option you can start the oven at a certain time and cook for a certain duration.


Gas Ranges

LG is a well-known brand for manufacturing high-quality gas ranges. This LG gas range makes cooking more enjoyable with an array of enhanced features:

  • Electronic ignition feature eliminates the need for pilot lights. In many gas range models you need to light the pilot light manually by lighting a match first to start cooking. But the feature Electronic ignition makes easy and much safer to start the gas range.
  • Smooth touch controls operate with a touch of a finger and make cleanup effortless.
  • Boiling the liquid becomes very easy with Super Boil burner. While a simmer burner is quite perfect for simmering the food by maintaining a low heat.


LG Range Pros

Many people who are using the LG ranges are quite happy and satisfied with the appliance’s performance. With the features such as self-cleaning system, high-power burners, and large surface area LG ranges are very much in demand.


LG Range Cons

However, there are some consumers who have had a few complaints. They find difficult to clean gloss exterior finishes of most of its units. Many consumers have complained about the uneven cooking and baking achieved by the oven.

Despite of these disadvantages, LG ranges are created to make your kitchen life easier, without having to compromise on style.


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LG Range Review