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Cooking range is one of the most essential and central figures in most of the households. If you are looking to buy a new range for your kitchen then take time and read this Premier Range Review and learn more about the appliance.


Premier is one of the most trusted and reputed company manufactures various kitchen wares. Company offers a wide range of kitchen wares in the range of PVC coated and stainless steel nickel coated kitchen products. The products are specially designed keeping in mind the values in terms of price, quality, utility and facility.


Let’s check out the features of ranges manufactured by Premier.


Premier Electric Range


The Premier electric range is a great range for your kitchen. This range will feature 6” and 8” standard speed coil elements which provide for all types of cooking. The convenient storage drawer is perfect place for cookie sheets, pots and pans. Front controls eliminates reaching over hot pans to adjust temperatures and two oven racks, broiler pan and tray are perfect for all your baking and boiling needs.


The Premier electric ranges have indicator lights. There are many ranges which indicate only when the surface burners are on, but the Premier electric range has an indicator light for the oven to help prevent leaving the oven on for too long.


Premier Gas Range


The gas ranges manufactured by Premier are quite efficient and eases your kitchen task. These gas ranges have porcelain finish top, which is durable and very easy to clean. The ranges have removable burners which can be easily removed and washed in the dishwasher. The ranges have a lifetime guaranteed top burners which gives the assurance of high quality and performance. The oven is completely insulated which saves energy as well as helps you in baking the dishes conveniently. There are high heat burners and simmer burners. With high heat burners, you can boil the liquid very fast while simmer burners are really nice for slow cooking a roast or stew.    


Reviewer’s Take


The Premier products are usually designed with pride and made in the U.S.A. offering both unique and industry-exclusive benefits with their ranges.


Premier ranges are money-saving, time-saving and designed to complement your household kitchens in every possible way.

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Premier Range Review