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Planning to stock your kitchen with high quality appliances? Well this Bertazzoni Range Review will certainly help you to take the right decision in buying a quality ranges for your kitchen. Bertazzoni is a 129 year old family owned Italian manufacturer of ranges, ovens, cooktops, and ventilation systems. Design range from contemporary and traditional to classic. Most of the Bertazzoni products are built with passion and precision by people who know about cooking, for people around the world who love to cook.


Bertazzoni produces different ranges such as gas ranges, electric ranges, dual fuel ranges, and gas cooktops. Let’s check out the features of each range.


Bertazzoni Gas Ranges


Bertazzoni gas ranges are the most widely used gas range series, which comes with hi-end features.




This 30 inch size range fits easily into any existing unit and thus provides versatility to your kitchen structure.


These ranges are available with four burners and have heavy duty cast iron gates.

The oven is smaller and therefore consumes less energy to heat up and saves gas.


Bertazzoni Electric Ranges


Bertazzoni electric ranges include the following features:




Bertazzoni electric ranges include two gas ovens which give great flexibility to your cooking.


Main oven has a balanced air-flow fan and gas broiler whereas the auxiliary oven is without fan and has a special low temperatures setting.


These ranges consist of sealed burners which are very easy to clean.


Bertazzoni Dual Fuel Ranges


The Bertazzoni dual fuel range starts at around $4,000 for the 30” model which as four burners. If you have the money, this definitely is an interesting range to get.




This range is a high power pro gas cooktop combined with accurate electric convection oven.


The range includes indicator lights for preheating, heating, and clean.


Smoke reduction provided by passive ceramic catalyst filter.


Bertazzoni Gas cooktops


Gas cooktops manufactured by Bertazzoni are the most efficient and useful ranges. Some of the best features of gas cooktops include:


High efficiency burners bring the flame closer to the pot in order to reduce your cooking time.


The ranges have special safety thermocouple which can stop the gas flow automatically if the flame goes out.


There is a special child safety feature which shuts off the gas automatically if turned on without ignition.


Reviewer’s Take


The Bertazzoni ranges come with 2-year warranty. Bertazzoni is also known for its excellent customer service, so if you face any technical problem with this range the customer service center provides adequate support. Being equipped with high end features the Bertazzoni range is definitely worth considering if you are looking for professional cooking range.

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Bertazzoni Range Review