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Frigidaire is one of the oldest names when it comes to household kitchen appliances. If you are interested in buying the new cooking range for your kitchen, take time to read this small blog on Frigidaire Range Review and get some information of the appliance.


The brand is well known for their innovative technologies and efficient cooking ranges. Among the kitchen appliances produced by Frigidaire are cook tops and stovetops, wall ovens, microwaves and ranges among others. Let’s see some of the best range types along with their best features offered by Frigidaire.


Range Types and Their Features:


Gas range: There are many models of gas ranges manufactured by Frigidaire. These gas ranges are available in three different exterior finishes such as stainless steel, white and black. Some of the best functional features of these gas ranges include:


  1. SpaceWise Lower Oven: This range features a .5 Cu.Ft. SpaceWise lower oven which gives you plenty of space to cook multiple dishes at the same time.

  2. Quick Boil: With the Quick boil feature the water gets boiled very quickly.

  3. Quick Bake Convection: Due to this feature you can bake the things must faster and more evenly.


Dual Fuel: Frigidaire manufactures dual fuel ranges which are available in three different finishes such as stainless steel, black, and white. Some of the best features include:


  1. SpaceWise Side Oven: This range features an extra 1.7 cubic feet SpaceWise lower oven which gives you more space to cook multiple dishes at the same time.

  2. One Touch Keep Warm Setting: Due to this feature your food can be kept warm for longer period of time.


Electric Range: There are lot of models of electric ranges manufactured by Frigidaire which are quite efficient and available in different finishes like stainless steel, black,and white. Some of the best feature of Frigidaire electric range includes:


  1. PowerPlus Preheat: the range can preheat the items in less than six minutes.

  2. PowerPlus Convection: This feature will enable you to roast the meats to tender and juicy perfection in a very less time.

  3. Keep Warm Drawer: Due to this feature the food can be kept warm until everything and everyone is ready.


Advantages of Frigidaire Ranges:


Frigidaire ranges are well known for their excellent styling, automatic shut off systems and quick clean features. Many consumers are quite happy with these ranges especially with some of the unique features offered by Frigidaire such as ProSelect Controls and True Convection Systems.


Disadvantages of Frigidaire Ranges:


On the other hand there are some consumers who are not happy with the Frigidaire ranges. There are some parts of the range which are very expensive to repair and install. Many people have also complained about poor customer service.


Keeping these minor drawbacks, it can be said that Frigidaire ranges are the best choice for your kitchen. There is no limitation to what you can and cannot cook with a Frigidaire cooking ranges. It seems as if whatever you need, Frigidaire provides.

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