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GE washing machine

Looking for top load type washing machine? If yes, then GE washing machine is really perfect for you. Read GE washing machine review right here to have more information on the appliance.



GE is one of the largest appliances manufacturers across the world.  The company makes good quality washing machines and just looking through their catalog will show you that they have around 29 models of washing machines to sale. GE washing machine brand has an array of models, which comes in pure white, metallic or black. GE washers are built with automatic water/detergent/bleach dispensers which make it convenient to use.


GE Washing Machine - A Preview Of Features


The top loading GE washing machine has a huge stainless steel basket which is suitable for the regular heavy washes such as blanket and comforters.


The GE washing machines are available in small model too. Although the model will be small in size, you can still be sure that it has many different features for your different washing needs.


Depending on the different models, GE washing machine comes with dial controls or electronic touch pads. And many machines have the capacity for energy star rating which saves your electricity bills.


The GE washing machines are available in all price points starting from $350 (the cheapest) to more than $1300 (the most expensive). This means that you are sure to get something within your range.


GE washing machines usually receive good reviews from its satisfied customers. Some of the strongest compliments that the machine usually receives are durability, reliability, quite washing cycle and gentle treatment of clothes.


Reviewer’s Take:


The look of the GE washing machine is really appealing. The machine is colored elegantly with hue of champagne shade. The machine has got the dark chrome grip handle which helps the users to open the close the door easily. However, there are few drawbacks associated with this machine; there are no soak settings so you need to soak the clothes separately. Then there is no self-cleaning lint filter so everything needs to be done correctly.


The best thing about GE washing machine is that if you ever face a problem with the machine, you can find the parts and repairs easily. These GE washing machines are easily affordable and will complement any laundry room. Use the tips and information mentioned in this GE Washing Machine review, next time you shop for a washing machine.

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GE Washing Machine Review