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Samsung Dishwasher Review

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 Samsung dishwasher reviewGet to know more about the dishwasher, that has it all, through this Samsung dishwasher review. Samsung is a household name where kitchen appliances are concerned and with this dish washing unit, Samsung has proved yet again why it leaves competition far behind.


Samsung Dishwasher Unveiled


You name the feature you want and the Samsung dish washing unit would have it. The features are endless and ample. Check it out.


  • The quietest in the market currently at 49dB which is similar to sound levels in a library.

  • Energy Star rated due to efficient and judicious use of water, electricity and energy.

  • Tall tub capacity of 14, 5 piece dish sets. The tub can accommodate cookie sheets and bake ware too. The racks within the unit are adjustable and convenient.

  • There are 6 different wash options to choose from and these can be customized to pans, pots, dishes and even delicate China.

  • The dish washing unit has a hard food disposer that is convenience personified as far as pre-rinsing of items prior to loading is concerned.

  • The heated dry feature ensures that dishes and pans are spot free once done.

  • A delayed start option allows setting up of washing at later hours as and when required.

  • There is a leak alarm that goes off on a leak of 1 ½ ounces of water after which the washing unit automatically shuts down.

  • NSF certification provides dishwasher with increased temperature antibacterial washes and energy efficiency.

  • The optimum wash sensor, senses that dishes are clean and begins the next step in wash cycle, that of rinsing, irrespective of the load. Thus saving money and water.

  • The stainless steel interior conserves heat and energy saving the need to reheat a number of times.

  • Concealed heating element ensures that plastics are safe and sound.

  • The wash cycle can be tracked and the concealed controls have a child lock facility.

  • Striking appearance with stainless steel finish and curved handle.


Reviewers' Take


Samsung dishwasher indeed seem to have it all. Concealed heating element, NSF certification, delayed starts, wash sensors, wash tracking system, child lock, plenty of space, solid food disposer and aesthetic appearance. The one feature that is unique to this dish washing unit is the leak alarm. Rarely found in other dish washing units, Samsung has made a difference here and got the right response too.


This winner product would be all the more appealing to most prospective buyers since it comes with a fantastic warranty. The parts and service are covered for 1 year, while there is an extra 5 year warranty on racks, electronics and a life time warranty on door liner and tub. Samsung dishwasher review gives this product a double thumbs up for features and warranty. This is definitely one of the best energy efficient dishwashers in the market currently.


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Samsung Dishwasher Review