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Maytag Dishwasher Review

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Maytag dishwasher review

Maytag dishwasher, like any other product from the company,  brings with it a whole  lot of innovative features and here is an elaborate Maytag dishwasher review to help you decide. Whether you are looking to replace your unit or upgrading it, make your decisions after taking a look at this dishwasher unit from Maytag and its endless feature list.











Maytag Dishwasher Specifics


Great capacity and a variety of wash cycle options make this unit very appealing to homeowners.


  • 14, 5 piece settings make this dish washing unit comparable to the largest ones in the field.

  • There are options of 6 wash cycles enabling you to customize the wash cycle program according to type of items to be cleaned.

  • There is a heated dry option that would bring out the washed items sparkling clean and dry at the end of wash program.

  • The optimum wash sensor automatically senses that dishes are clean and finishes the program. This technology also cuts down water consumption.

  • Child lock can be enabled by those with small children who might cause interruptions to the programmed wash cycles.

  • Delay start timer allows timing of wash as required like when you are away from home or at night when you are fast asleep.

  • A very quiet operation is promised. If noise is a major concern for prospective buyers, they would be helped with the knowledge that other products at this price usually make more noise than this one at 52 decibels.

  • Hidden controls, sleek design and stainless steel finish make this dishwasher very attractive and trendy looking. This unit is also available in white and black finishes too.


Additional Benefits


  • Energy saving features provides this dishwasher unit with Energy Star qualification.

  • The tub is stainless steel, conducting heat inside the tub allowing quick drying time and reduced incidences of reheating.

  • The dish washing unit is qualified for certification by NSF sanitation.


Reviewers' Take


The dishwasher scores very well everywhere except for the warranty offered. The unit is offered only 1 year warrant of factory specified parts and defects in materials or workmanship. Those people who wish to continue with the service would have to opt for and buy the extended service plans offered by Maytag.


The warranty is a major disappointment considering that the product is of high quality and features offered by it are truly exceptional. The modern and attractive exterior, fantastic features such as wash sensor, stainless steel exterior, nylon racks, huge capacity, heated dry options and child lock facilities make it truly remarkable at its price. The highlight of this product is its high energy efficiency and good appearance. If not for the lean warranty period, this Maytag dishwasher review would have ranked it among the top products.



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Maytag Dishwasher Review