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KitchenAid Dishwasher Review

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kitchenaid dishwasher review

KitchenAid dishwasher review would give all buyers an insight into the working efficiency of this dishwasher and its feasibility. KitchenAid is a familiar brand name and if you thought it made only mixers and grinders, you will be definitely impressed by its dishwasher.








KitchenAid Dishwasher Particulars


The KitchenAid unit with its 3 different types of wash cycles and drying options is certainly worth a closer look.


  • 3 separate wash cycles and 2 drying options would allow users to select various combinations of washing and drying for desired results.

  • The unit is Energy Star rated and hence buyers can be assure of saving money before as well as after purchase.

  • The unit has a hard food disposer that makes pre-rinsing of items unnecessary prior to loading for a wash cycle.

  • The dishwasher functions at 54dB and this is in between of the quietest of 49dB and loudest of 57dB.

  • The interior of the unit is stainless steel which contains the heat and thereby effectively sanitizes and dries the dishes.

  • The optimum wash sensor makes the unit energy efficient by sensing that the dishes are clean and therefore ending the washing cycle.

  • Child lock prevents children from altering programs.

  • The fold down tines in the lower rack allows keeping dishes in one place while the tall tub accommodates the non-standard dishes.

  • The unit has an aesthetic appeal with its stainless steel finish and hidden controls.



Reviewers' Take


Energy efficient, appealing appearance and a host of wash and drying options makes this dishwasher definitely one to be considered while looking for a new one. The foldable racks, tall tub, child lock, drying options, wash cycles makes this a very convenient product to invest in. Apart from all this, the one feature that makes this unit a good buy is the presence of a hard food disposer that allows items to be loaded without having to be rinsed first.


The draw back of this unit it that it does not contain a concealed heating element and has to rely on the heated water for drying of loaded items. If this is not a priority, KitchenAid would be a good buy. The icing on the cake according to this KitchenAid dishwasher review is its warranty. All parts and labor has a warranty of one year, while racks and electronics have a warranty for 5 years. The door liner and tub are also given a lifetime warranty. This product ensures that buyers are protected. With a fantastic appearance and energy efficient working, this unit is worth every penny.


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KitchenAid Dishwasher Review