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Bosch Dishwasher Review

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Bosch dishwasher reviewBosch is a popular and trusted name in kitchen gadgets. If you are planning invest into one then this Bosch dishwasher review will help you take the right decision. Bosch offers quite a few models of dishwashers and you can take your pick from among free standing, built-in, slimline and compact or table top dishwashers. The dishwashers use latest technology and have energy efficient systems. Adhering to the scope of this blog, I would be discussing Bosch's built-in dishwasher here.







Bosch and It's Built-in Dishwasher


Bosch claims to use minimum amount of water and energy to wash dishes sparkling clean every time. The built-in dishwasher comes with child lockout, water saving cycles, flip-down tines and internal heating chamber. Let us look at some of its distinguishing features:


  • Available in white and black finishes, the dishwasher brings in a new trend and bucks the common yet popular stainless steel trend.

  • The child lock out feature would be preferred by moms who wouldn't want little fingers resetting dishwasher programs.

  • Very quiet, the Bosch dishwasher has delayed start and is Energy Star rated.

  • The highlight of this built in model is that it has automatic 'sense' of water saving. Hence the sense, titled 'ecosense' cycle, automatically switches on if it senses a second rinse is required. Thus, if the Bosch is filled with plenty of pots and pans, the sensor would automatically activate the secondary cycle.

  • There is an additional special cycle that selectively targets either bottom rack or top rack only, when programmed for a half load wash.

  • Adjustable racks with flip down tines make handling of odd sized dishes, baking sheets and platters possible as well as easy. These would comfortably hold host of glasses, cereal bowls and dessert plates when not filled with large items.

  • Bosch has an internal heating chamber that increases its cleaning power. The water is heated to almost 160 degrees F while the washing cycles are on.

  • The condensation formed by the hot water is drained so that dish-ware is clean and dry once it comes out.

Consumer Reviews 

Bosch dishwasher is an efficient dishwasher and there is absolutely no doubt about it. The features of child lock out, half load washing programs and adjustable racks are truly commendable and very useful. The star rated machine assures of energy efficiency and water saving.

The two issues that we feel should be looked over while going for the Bosch is:

  • There is no built-in disposal so as to clean out food particles. Thus you would definitely need to not only rinse the items before loading them onto the dishwasher, it would be necessary to clean out the dishwasher filter after use occasionally.

  • Homeowners looking for heat drying of dishes might be a tad disappointed since this dishwasher does not have a heating element in the tub. The dishes are dried by condensation drying and thus you would find that your plastics are not dry while your ceramics and metals might be a bit drippy.


Apart from these issues, the Bosch dishwasher review gives this product a thumbs up for its efficiency and use of green technology.


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Bosch Dishwasher Review