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Did You Watch Stanley Tucci Pouring Wine On 'Vine Talk'?

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The wine lovers are in for a treat this summer with PBS launching ‘Vine Talk’ which will showcase actor Stanley Tucci pouring wine for his guests on the weekly television show. It was taped last week at the WNET studios in New York, creating quite a splash in media circles. The viewers are enthused by the prospect of the show too as there are very few television programs aired on good quality wines making the idea of Stanley Tucci pouring wine even more irresistible. With 7th April not being too far away, the viewers and celebrities alike are gearing up to ask each other, “Did You Watch Stanley Tucci Pouring Wine On 'Vine Talk'?”


With the guest list of Vine Talk reading like a veritable who’s who of prominent Americans, the audience is certainly in for a treat even as Stanley Tucci pours wine for the celebrities as they get down to discuss the various pros and cons associated with the wine in question.


Ray Isle who serves as the resident expert on the show that has Stanley Tucci pouring wine will be asking his audience to take a pick from amongst six different varieties of wine. Stanley Tucci pours wine while the panel of judges along with the audience gets to choose the best wine out of the six featured. An excellent way of swirling and sipping the vinos indeed even as the ‘Julie And Julie’ actor Stanley Tucci pours wine!


The weekly episode that was taped this week had Tommy Tune, the choreographer asking whether there was any obvious connection between Stanley Tucci pouring wine and sexuality. The quip came in response to the information that 2003 had indeed been a hot year for wines. The actor Stanley Tucci pouring wine seemed to be okay with his task, but blurted out that he couldn’t drink any more of the vinos for the rest of his life. However, Stanley Tucci pouring wine for his audience is supposed to be the highlight of the show and the actor must keep going at it week after week.


The best wine for the episode was not revealed by the media. However, the actor chose to close the episode with pearls of humorous wisdom from Groucho Marx even as the audience on the sets could not get enough of Stanley Tucci pouring wine for them on Vine Talk.

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Did You Watch Stanley Tucci Pouring Wine On 'Vine Talk'?