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Book Review: Healthy Eating Handbook

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The Healthy Eating Handbook written by a registered dietician has succeeded in becoming the talk of the town now. The author, Melanie Thomassian has also been successful in advising hundreds of people via her well meaning health blog for the better part of three years. The publication of the e-book Healthy Eating Handbook by Melanie Thomassian will give her patients yet another glimpse into the world of foods and their effect on general health and nutrition. But is it important to go through yet another book on the same topic? Let’s find out what the critics say in their book review of the Healthy Eating Handbook.


The most attractive lines that stand out in the Healthy Eating Handbook concern the ways and means of losing belly fat. It also highlights the factors responsible for failure. The top five misconceptions that one generally associates with healthy eating are explained in details within the Healthy Eating Handbook by Melanie Thomassian.


One of the significant drawbacks of the Healthy Eating Handbook, however, lies in its website advertisement. The copy is too long in an attempt to detail the main points of the Healthy Eating Handbook and this tends to put off the viewers as Internet users are credited with very less attention spans.


Healthy Eating Handbook by Melanie Thomassian is an admirable effort by the author though. One of the very first things that it stresses is the need to eat regularly. So many people go on crash diets which eventually cause harm. Healthy Eating Handbook is divided into numerous chapters with each of them dealing with important areas that the dieters need to know. From the right way of reading food labels to food groups and healthy snacking ideas, the Healthy Eating Handbook covers it all making it a veritable treasure for people who are serious about eating properly in order to stay healthy.


Menu planning is an important feature of the e-book too. But, it is the opportunity of getting a book on exercising along with Healthy Eating Handbook that has delighted her readers. From beginners, intermediaries and advanced level dieters, the book is destined to be a boon for one and all.

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Book Review: Healthy Eating Handbook