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Martha Stewart's New Baking Show To Go On Air

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Martha Stewart's New Baking Show to Go on Air says the news reports.   Martha Stewart is not new to the television but indeed her baking show is going to make a splash.  In January 2011 it was announced that Martha Stewart’s new baking show titled “"Martha Bakes" is going to be telecast on the Hallmark Channel.  Martha brings new baking show which aims at introducing us to the basics of baking.  This new baking show is just a new series of the television shows which Martha's Company is producing for the Hallmark Channel. Martha moved her famous daily show “The Martha Stewart Show” to this channel during the fall.


Martha Stewart’s New Baking Show is marked with a unique presentation format. Through this baking show Martha takes you on step–by–step walk over the recipes. This format may seem a bit odd for the food television viewers who are mostly fond of reality – based programs or other culinary competitions.

Martha brings new baking show which plans to cover the fundamentals of 13 baked goodies during 13 episodes. These 13 recipes include puff pastry, strawberry cup cakes, yellow cake, upside down cake and cheese cake. The unique format of the show depicts that Martha has clear ideas about what she wants to communicate with the audience.  Martha says “I don't think that I was put here on earth to sing and dance while I'm cooking. I'm a good teacher and I think that this show shows that and really accentuates how important a good recipe is and how exacting a science baking is." It seems that Martha Stewart’s New Baking show is designed as a teaching show.  

Martha brings new baking show through which she plans to give you cues about her cooking experimentations. Martha says that she has spent much time in perfecting the science of baking these 13 goodies after years of research, experimentations, and writing.  Some of the other popular shows by Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Series on Hallmark channel include:  “Mad Hungry with Lucinda Scala Quinn”; “Everday Food”; “Whatever with Alexis & Jennifer”.

Martha Stewart’s New Baking Show was mostly filmed at Martha Stewart’s home during last summer. Experts claim that this is "the definitive television resource for the actual or would-be baking expert." For many it seems that Martha brings new baking show with the sole purpose of turning newbie’s into good bakers and good bakers into expert bakers.  But in August 2010, Martha announced on that her new baking show was actually created for good bakers and the show is “"not really baking 101."

Now it’s your turn to stay tuned to the Martha Stewart’s New Baking Show if you wish to master the art of squaring tasty and perfect blueberry muffins, puff pastry, pâte feuilletée, or pâte brisée. 


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Martha Stewart's New Baking Show To Go On Air