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Come To World's Highest Restaurant In Dubai

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Imagine sitting on the 122nd floor with a fabulous 180 degree view around you and enjoying  fine eclectic European cuisine. Take the dizzying elevator up to the 122nd floor in 59 seconds and you will find yourself in the world’s tallest restaurant in Dubai. A luxury anyone would like to indulge in at least once in their life time. If the craving becomes overpowering then hop onboard a plane and land in Dubai and drive straight to the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building at 1,350 feet. 

It is called the At.mosphere, strategically situated in an atmosphere way up in the clouds, inviting the rich and the famous to a cozy hideaway far from the madding crowd vertically up. The world’s tallest restaurant At.mosphere opened with much fanfare on Jan 24th 2011 at Burj Khalifa.

The Emaar Hospitality group spent more than a billion on Burj Khalifa and is touting the at.mosphere restaurant as the finest dining experience with views of the Arabian Gulf.

Adam Tihany is the restaurant designer who has set about making the interiors elegant and sophisticated with mahogany paneled rooms and cozy leather booths. Then there is the breath taking views from outer space.

The global financial crisis stalled the construction of the other projects but the world’s highest restaurant got completed along with other world class hotels and is a destination of choice. The dizzying heights are no damper unless you suffer from vertigo and cannot enjoy a meal up in the clouds.

The menu has mouth watering dishes with seasonal seafood and grilled meat. Foie graz on beef tartare might just be the dish you are looking for. An average of 340 dirham’s 9$93) might cover it and an additional 50$ for an appetizer might leave a hole in your pocket. How does diver’s scallops or chestnut and pheasant soup sound to you? Maybe you can dig into their fresh seafood platters of sea bass or the Australian salt bush lamb and then wash it all down with an excellent wine from their extensive list.

You can come to the world’s tallest restaurant in Dubai, unwind and enjoy the view. It is not only about the dining but the whole experience which makes it a unforgettable package deal maybe. Just relaxing and feeling elegant and sophisticated at such dizzying heights is not bad a bargain at all.

A rally cool and tall website is being put together right now. It is not complete yet but one can browse the beautiful picture in there and read the blurb which proclaims “Offering a unique dining concept, guests could choose to dine at the grill or unwind at the lounge overlooking stunning vistas of the world’s tallest performing fountains. Whether you are a connoisseur of fine dining or simply wish to unwind and relax, at.mosphere promises you an experience like none other.”

So pack up head over to Burj Khalifa to enjoy the world’s highest restaurant the at.mosphere taking fine dining to dizzying heights.


Checkout the website of at.mosphere still in progress.

Image Credit: AP photos, Burj Khalifa and at.mosphere

 Check out the video below from ITN news


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Come To World's Highest Restaurant In Dubai