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How To Read Menus With A Translator Phone

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Knowing how to read menus with a translator phone is very essential for those who are into travelling too much.

Hundreds of languages are spoken in the world and one cannot learn them all. The major problem arises when you are in a foreign country and cannot order the food of your choice as the language written in the menu is not known to you. At that moment you either take help of your friends, co-workers or the restaurant staff. But still blunders do occur…

But you need not worry much the next time you visit a foreign country’s restaurant as now you can easily read menus through the translator phone. Now available in the market are android phones which have the  useful translation feature. You just need to show the camera on the text you want to translate, and the phone shows it up in English or the language of your choice on the screen.

The new application supports translation in 48 languages and actually saves you from mistranslations and awkward moments in the foreign land. This application is free and can be downloaded easily.

The similar translation feature is also available on Google. The Goggles feature of Google also makes translation easy. Though it supports only five languages currently i.e. English, French, Italian, German and Spanish languages, its aim is to be able to  translate all of the Latin and non-Latin languages (such as Chinese, Hindi and Arabic) also.

The feature also contains better barcode recognition, friendly user interface, artworks, and visual searches.

Helpful for any traveler, the Google Goggles feature is available on Android1.6 phones and higher.

So, the next time you travel confidently read your menu on phone, order the food you like and enjoy your meals.

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How To Read Menus With A Translator Phone