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Italian Desserts

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They call themselves the "Producers of Fine Desserts". They are the Aiello Brothers Homemade and they are based in South Amboy, NJ. They make all gourmet italian desserts that are sold in several restuarants and shops in the tri state area.
It may have been the 5th sample of tiramisu i tried, but Aiello has its own flavor and texture of this great italian dessert.

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Amazing Italian Desserts
Italian desserts are known for their taste, smoothness, and wonderful presentation. The kinds of gourmet desserts see their way through Italy. Get the virtual bite into this pampering desserts.

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Great Cannoli.Excellent sfogliatelle. Jimmy's sweets are the best in the world.
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Never ate a great Tiramisu'. Better then the Italians!
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I can only count on the Aiello's when it comes to deserts.
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It's so hard to find Tiramisu with just the right amount of liquor. This looks great! I'll have to check them out.
xXGinger.KittyXx's picture
Those Desserts looked sooooooo good! OMG, I wish I was there! The Cannoli is my favorite. 
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