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India Warms Up To Food-Based Television Shows

India Warms Up To Food-Based Television Shows – This is not coming to me as a surprise at all. But, the only thing that surprised me about India in recent times was that I accidentally discovered a heart shaped, strawberry flavored sugar candy named as 'Corazon'. No, it was not Spanish or Mexican made; it was very much Indian. On the other hand I was very happy to see the world shrinking in on India. Food is part and parcel of the Indian culture. Food defines the Indians more than they would ever realize.


Every television network in India has at least a minimum of 2 to 3 cooking shows in it. For example, Master Chef Australia is aired at 9pm prime time by the Star Network. Just a couple of years back they were airing Prison Break in the same slot. I never thought that I would see the day but it has happened. The concept of a full time food television might be new but I have no doubt it will be a huge success. For a fact, I know that food television will be an instant hit with all the 'desperate housewives' of India.


Celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor is a household name in India. He is someone who gave up a career as a top chef in a big hotel and came into the television business when it was just in its adolescent stage in India. I have some respect for this dude. Zee Entertainment is about to launch a new food channel; the first of its kind food television in India, aptly named as FoodFood. The new channel is slated to launch early next year. Sanjeev Kapoor will be spearheading this new channel and I suspect that he would be the channel's creative head. That is fair enough considering the fact that he has been hosting Zee's Khana Khazana, a food show, since 1993.



Maybe food is the new black in the Indian television. Astro Group India and South Asia executive director Raghvendra Madhav said, “Our core target is the middle class Indian in urban towns and cities. With FoodFood we are set to redefine food content in India.”and “Food is the new entertainment."



Someone once said that food could be the biggest uniting factor in India. I'm coming to think that could be so true with the new food television airing early next year.


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India Warms Up To Food-Based Television Shows