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London's Kopapa Revives Fusion Food For Our Taste Buds

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Fusion food has always been relegated to the second rank however tasty it might be. But now London's Kopapa revives fusion food for our taste buds bringing a plethora of delectable dishes hereto unknown in front of us. Peter Gordon, the owner of the restaurant does not seem to agree that fusion food is not good. On the contrary, he supports it vehemently declaring that he has had the experience of eating classic French food which had been really bad and traditional Spanish food which had been even awful.


The idea of eating fusion food is certainly not a fad emphasizes Gordon stating that his restaurant in New Zealand has people clamoring for dishes like the coriander papaya, crisp pork belly as well as the pomeo salad with maple dressing. His second eatery has already made headlines and the news that simply stated London's Kopapa revives fusion food for our taste buds describes what it has to offer especially for those keen on trying out good quality fusion food.


The restaurant opened its doors last week at the Covent Garden and will be providing complete meals for lunch and dinner every day. Breakfast, the most important meal of the day is not going to be left out either with Gordon’s signature dish of Turkish cilbir poached eggs in chili butter served with whipped yoghurt.


Chedar fritters in combination with red cabbages and ox tongues with crumbled panko are just some of the exciting fusion food stuffs that Kopapa hopes to make popular. The main dish of grilled squid with lentils served with an aubergine salad is certain to tickle our palates making us realize that fusion food can actually combine the best flavors from around the world instead of restricting our culinary experience. Almond skordalia with a crispy pork belly is bound to be as much of a hit as the moromi miso and tangerine dressing that gets to be served with it. The ciabatta bread-stick as thick as a cigar can actually take away your attention from the excellent side dishes too. The dessert dishes are particularly innovative with the boiled orange cake topped with a passion fruit custard being among the favorites. Brulee in accompaniment to fluffy fruit filed fritters can be a boon for weight watchers who decide to try out the new and innovative fusion food at Kopapa, London.


Gordon is considered to be the father of fusion food in the United Kingdom and when asked about his reactions to the disdain expressed for fusion food, he says that he does not quite bother overmuch about it. He keeps busy with his restaurants that are located in places as diverse as Istanbul and New Zealand. However, he does make it a point to state that foie gras served with mango at the Marco Pierre White cannot really be considered as fusion food.  


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London's Kopapa Revives Fusion Food For Our Taste Buds