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Top 5 Food Shows On Television

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If food makes your world go round and if you like to know novel ways of cooking a dish, or how to prepare gourmet dishes then you may like these food shows. Read on to know which are the top 5 food shows on television and what are they all about!


Popular television shows


Mentioned below are the most popular television shows based on cooking and food, that are aired in the US.


Top Chef


Top chef is the most popular food show that is aired on Bravo, a cable television network. In Top chef, chefs compete against one another to prepare the best dish which is judged by a panel of judges who themselves are professional chefs or prominent figures in the food industry. Top chef is an interesting peek in the highly competitive world of gourmet cooking.


No reservations


An Emmy award winner, No reservations is an ongoing food show which is hosted by Anthony Bourdain. More like a travelogue, the show is aired on the Travel channel in the US and on the Discovery Travel and Living channel across the world. Anthony Bourdain visits different countries and cities around the world where the locals treat him to authentic local cuisines. This show has helped brought many local cuisines around the world to the forefront.


Good Eats


Another popular Television cookery show, Good Eats is hosted by Alton Brown and is aired on the Food Network. The host Alton Brown delves into the key techniques that go behind making a dish, the history and legends associated with a particular meal and tips on the usage of different types of cooking gadgets and utensils. The show may be based on a theme like Christmas, Halloween etc or may feature the most commonly prepared foods across US.


Iron Chef America


A spinoff of the original popular food show in Japan, Iron chef America is aired on the Food Network. This is also like a reality game show where the well known chefs of America compete against the resident Iron chefs, some of the best chefs in America, to make the best dish based on a particular ingredient in a limited time. The show is hosted in the famous Kitchen stadium and the coveted title of Iron chef is given to the best chef among the lot.


Man vs Food


One of most popular and one of its kind shows, Man vs Food is again a travelogue based food show. The host Adam Richman travels to different locations around the US and samples some of the best cuisines around the US.


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Top 5 Food Shows On Television