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Bibich Wines Promotion In New York Food Show

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Well wines are definitely getting very exotic. The french have a serious run for their money as more countries become wine producers - so there are new contenders like New Zealand, Chile, Australia. But who ever thought the Croatian Wines could actually really be serious game players in the industry

I met folks from XLS Imports who import all sorts of exotic wines. This time they are bringing the Bibish series of wines from croatia. The Riserva is really a unique blend and sits in between a red and white wine - ok i like it more than zinfendel

And these guys really know stuff about wine - the way they explain how to know your wine, i felt i could become a wine taster in a day. Now wonder they had a long line of people wanting to taste their wines !

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Bibich Wines In New York Food Show Review
Wanna know about Bibich wines? It hails from Croatia and is very famous amongst the New Yorkers. Watch out the video and learn all about this bibich wine.

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