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Ace of Cakes’ to Breathe its last Next Year

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The much watched show Ace of Cakes’ to breathe its last Next Year! So, that will mean Ace of Cakes 2011 is its last show. After this upcoming 2011 season, this beloved Food Network show is going to pull down the curtains and bring this awesome cake show to an ending. But, before all you Ace of Cakes’ fans go about fretting as to who or what caused the cancellation of more seasons of this wonderful bakery show, let’s just remember and stay happy with the fact that there’s one more show coming up soon to satiate our hunger for more and more gorgeous and yummy cakes to look at and drool!


Ace of Cakes’ to Breathe its last Next Year – a quick recap


The Ace of Cakes is one of the most successful American reality T.V. show aired on the Food Network. The show is hosted by celebrity confectioner and chef, Duff Goldman, who is the proud owner of a custom cake shop called “Charm City Cakes” located in Baltimore, Maryland. The show focuses on everything that has to do with the cake making, right from constructing them to delivering them.


Ace of Cakes 2011 is its last show – so what?


Pass the news “Ace of Cakes’ to breathe its last Next Year” as a stale one and let bygones be bygones, for, there are exciting news to focus on! The star chef of the show - Duff Goldman, has been a huge favorite with the audience and has an enormous fan following (count me in!) to be given away easily by any successful channel like the Food Network. So, while the Ace of Cakes 2011 is its last show, the yummy association between the Food Network and Duff Goldman goes on and this time, only to conceptualize and bring about more and more exciting food shows for the world. And, who minds all that wait, when there’s so much fondant to show up? Slurp!


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Ace Of Cakes’ To Breathe Its Last Next Year