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IPhone Will Count Calories Now - Say Cheese

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A great innovation – your own iphone helping you to know how many calories you have just ordered in the menu!

IPhone Will Count Calories Now - Say Cheese. Much to the amazement of users, it is now clear that  iphone application to count calories with pictures is truly going to help its users lose weight. So, next time when you are ordering a dish in your favorite restaurant and wondering how much calories you have actually ordered – you just need to take out your iphone and check it. It is as simple as that!


This has been made possible with the latest introduction by LIVESTRONG.COM calorie tracker, which shall help you to know and keep information on the daily count of calories. This is a new application and you can get started with it just instantly. You will just need your iPhone or your iPod Touch for this purpose along with the calorie tracker from LIVESTRONG.COM. You will also need to ensure that you have iTunes installed on your computer because if you wish to download this calorie tracker program, you need to have iTunes in your computer. Do it and you are ready to count your calories – no more jotting down the calorie intake in a notepad.


If you already have iTunes installed in your computer, your work becomes easy. You will just need to install the application from LIVESTRONG.COM. You will find that the application is featured in the special section. All you need to do is just click on the ‘download’ button and get the application automatically installed in your computer.


Once you have installed the calorie taker, you will notice that you have a very comprehensive nutrition data base which has more than 450000 foods and special restaurant items. You just need to look for the food or type in the item name and instantly know about the calories you are about to consume. It is a great tool to check the calories first and then order foods in a restaurant. In fact, even if you feel like having the ordered items, you can check out the database and know about the various activities which can be undertaken to burn these specific calories through different types of activities and exercises.


This innovative application has been well appreciated by iPhone users. Renate Raymond who is a 37-year-old arts administrator from Seattle says "Three of my colleagues purchased the iPhone calorie counter app and are constantly talking about what they ate and how many calories everything is. And now they've started circulating around the lunchroom analyzing the calories that everyone else is eating. You'll be eating a burrito and they'll sneak up and punch in 'burrito' and tell you that you're eating 550 calories." 


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IPhone Will Count Calories Now - Say Cheese