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A Review Of La Nova Wings Food Products

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This stall had probably the biggest line at the International Food Show in New York. Well, it had to be - everything about this booth was hot! The spicy buffalo wings and ofcourse you know what else :-)

La Nova makes one of the best wings that you can buy. Their varieties range from the spicy wings to italian style, to barbecue - you name, they got it. Now wonder, they have received several food industry awards for the best wings ang pizzas.

Next time you are around Buffalo, you know where to head for some great wings and pizzas. Check out for more information

I sure had a good fill and so did my camera man. You get to eat such great stuff that i love being a food show host.

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Spicy Buffalo Wings From La Nova Review
The International Restaurant and Foodservice Show of New York has an amazing number of wings and pizza sellers. La Nova makes one of the best wings that you can buy. They offer a vast range of varieties from the spicy wings to Italian style, to barbecue - you name, they got it. Don’t’ miss the video on La Nova hot Buffalo wings.

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This video has more views becasue there are 2 pretty ladies in picture!! Well I have posted some questions for you Monica at your forum Looks like I need a female helper to make my show.
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After seeing that video, I am ready to book a trip to Buffalo for some La Nova spicy wings!!!!
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yah and once thre do take the mist of the maid boat trip under the niagara falls to cool you
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Fabulous hot wings!