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A Review Of Gelato Mio Review At The International Restaurant And Food Service Show

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The food show had an amazing number of gelato manufacturers selling their delicious stuff. Gelato Mio wows monica with its extra delicious gelatos.

Gelato Mio makes authentic, traditional Italian ice cream that are created with all natural ingredients imported from around the world. They combine fresh milk and cream with the highest quality nuts, chocolate, fruits and berries. Their product line blends the most loved Italian flavors with a unique twist to please even the most sophisticated world traveler.

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Extra Delicious Gelatos From Gelato Mio Review
The International Restaurant and Foodservice Show of New York has an amazing number of gelato manufacturers selling their delicious stuffs. Gelato Mio wows Monica with its extra delicious gelatos. Watch out the video and learn what makes the Gelato Mio's ice creams an authentic one!

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Gelato. . . mmmm  . . The pint looked recognizable. . I'll have to search my local supermarket.
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For awesome real gelatto in the SF Bay Area and beyond this it the best. If I close my eyes I am eating gelato in Fireze or Como..............mama mia! Mangia mangia Sometimes Costco here has a 3 pint pack available for like under $10!
Rosemary's picture
Monica, Ummmm gelato! You tasted my favorite flavors. I love your site. You have such great hints at what to eat next and where to have fun. Keep going. Rosemary