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Power Lunch Show For Healthy Tortillas

Also Known as: 
Power Lunch With Tortillas !!
This video is a Power Lunch show on Biz Brief.. Watch this video and know about healthy tortillas.

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Great video great media spot! Love it Mexican Tortillas made in a Chinese community by a Jewish company-not that is multi-cultural! I love using them for all sorts of ethnic stuff-I need to post photos and recipes for some of my Tumaros Creations! :-) Shanti/Mary-Anne
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Speaking of videos my Sony HD Video cam format is not liked by iFood.TV and I can't upload any of the fun stuff from Cambodia and Thailand, etc. yet-trying to come upp with a compatible format I am also on Sony Vaio PC-all proprietary stuff. At least my Nikon D80 photos work! Shanti/Mary-Anne
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I used MPG4 which is the default. Nikko has to go to his Mac from the Sony for iFood.TV Shanti/Mary-Anne
Power Lunch Show For Healthy Tortillas Video, Power Lunch With Tortillas !!