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Wackiest Vending Machines In The World

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Machines rewarded with the title of “Wackiest Vending Machines In The World” are jaw-dropping, eccentric and inspiring. Designed with some of the craziest designs in mind, these world’s wackiest machines are beyond human imagination, yet surprisingly, creations of living humans! No second thoughts on the fact that Japan is the parent country of some of the most mind boggling vending machines in the world. However, the concept is also storming the United States of America at a commendable pace.


The machine topping the list of Wackiest Vending Machines In the World is Pet Roach Crane Machine in Japan.  Just imagine... one large vending machine solely for the roaches! Even cats and dogs would have been imagine-able, but a machine for roaches is simply the wackiest and unbelievable idea of all.

The second machine on the list of world’s wackiest vending machines is located at the hill top of Mount Fuji, Japan.  Although the machine is built of normal dimensions and loaded with ordinary native beverages, the unbelievable part is its location. The machine is located at the height of 3,776 meters from earth. This machine simply seems to be a climber’s dream-come-true! 

There is a hair straightener vending machine at Scotland which works right after you insert the desired amount and stops after you plug it back. Wow! This is a godsend machine for all the avid divas who love to keep it stylish, anyhow! The machine stands at the third position in the list of wackiest vending machines in the world.

The haven for pastas and pizzas, Italy, has produced a vending machine which delivers these readymade delicacies after inserting the desired amount. This one’s fourth on the list of wackiest vending machines in the world.

The last one to make to the top 5 wackiest machines in the world is an umbrella vending machine in the Great Britain. This haven of rain gods has done a commendable job in producing this wacky yet extremely commendable vending machine of umbrellas for drenching bees!

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Wackiest Vending Machines In The World