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Review of High-Tech Restaurant which has No Waiters

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Gone are the days of slow service and surly waiters at an automated restaurant in Germany.

Diners at the newly-opened restaurant in Nuremberg can now place their order using a touch-screen computer. Their meal then arrives via an elaborate spiral rail network that descends from the second floor ktichen. While the restaurant has a futuristic concept, the food served there is traditional, and it seems to be a hit with diners.

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High-Tech Restaurant Without Waiters - An Overview
Gone are the days of slow service and surly waiters at an automated restaurant in Germany. This newly opened restaurant functions without waiters. You can get everything at the restaurant and that too without delay. Watch the video and see how this high-tech restaurant works.

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Oh dear seems so impersonal! I love dinning at restaurants wih open kitchens where you can sit at a bar and watch the kitchen action. I always learn some new trick watching the chefs an it is entertaining. In Japan there are many automated food machines for mals and drinks. Seems another step in removing the human element from our lives. Makes you want to stay home nd cook. Never forget the first time many years ago when I was in Germany and the water went on and off and the toilets flushed automatically. This automatic restaurant will most likely catch on as well. Shanti/Mary-Anne
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Hi All There is an other kind of concept that is half automatic. you can order from a touch screen that shows you the dishes but you can also call for service by using the screen. it is working in hundreds of restaurants around the world - USA, UK , Russia, Holland and Israel. check the web site of this company: this compnay is working in all those countries. A friend of mine met them in order to examine the option to be come thier distributor in Hungary.
Review Of High-Tech Restaurant Which Has No Waiters Video, High-Tech Restaurant Without Waiters - An Overview