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Tennis Star Novak Djokovic on Serbian Cuisine

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Cooking and eating with top tennis pro-Novak Djoković . To know his record

The round small finger sausages are called Cevpcici re the favourite "fast food" in the former Yugoslavia, expecially with Serbs.. They are so wonderful! Yes it is true Serbians eat so much meat. When they come to a party you must allow 3-4# yes pounds of meat per person. They are very tall people and slim. Average is 6'5" in Montenegro.

Cevaps or Cevapcici

1 pounds ground beef
1/2 pounds ground pork
1/2 pound ground lamb
1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
Paprika if desired
minced onion if desired
1 tablespoon Vegeta
1 teaspoon minced garlic or garlic powder
some soda water-important to make them brown nicely

Put all of the ingredients into a large mixing bowl and knead well to bind the meats and spices together. Refrigerate for about 2 hours and then take out and knead well again.Shape into finger-length shapes (just like small sausages) and cook on a grill or in a broiler over a moderate temperature so that they stay juicy. Turn only once and do not pierce. Serve in warmed or grilled Lapinja bread. Also good with kajmak or sour cream, fresh peppers, ajvar and tomatoes. We often just pass them around and we dip into sour cream mixe with ajvar as an appetizer.

You can use any combinations of these ground meats.

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Tennis Star Djokovic Talks About Serbian Cuisine
Cooking and Eating with top tennis pro-Novak Djokovic who has an amazing understanding of food. Thismis a more personal interaction with the tennis star and he sure knows his way around a kitchen.

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Tennis Star Novak Djokovic On Serbian Cuisine, Tennis Star Djokovic Talks About Serbian Cuisine